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  • budhiman


    Akismet is an excellent spam fighting tool, there’s no doubt about it. But there are comments that don’t look like spam even to the human eye, Akismet has a hard time catching them.

    I present you Antispam Extra to help you combat and manage comment spam a little better 🙂 Antispam Extra can do the following:

    1. Prevent commenters from submitting their websites.
    2. Disable the links to commenters’ websites.
    3. Deactivate the links in comments.
    4. Mark comments without proper HTTP referer as spam.

    Hope this plugin comes in handy for those WordPress users who are troubled by user submitted links, in the form of commenter website or links in the comment.

    Feedback most welcome.

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  • Boyevul


    That seems a little bit overboard. There was a plugin I ran across a few months back that inserted hidden fields that only affected bots and that caused my blog to go from Spam caught per day being upwards of 100 to 0.

    For me, the answer is never to limit a human user but, if necessary, limit the bots as much as desired.



    Thanks for the feedback, boyevul. The intention of the plugin is mainly about managing links in comments, I will be making necessary updates if I get enough feedback.

    I really appreciate you mention of hidden fields. Thanks a lot.

    Phrase Vices Poet


    I have never could understand – why to manage spam (by trial and errors, inevitably giving manual maintenance) with Akismet instead of making impossible to submit it at all? worked excellent for me

    Switched off any other antispam measures and moderation

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Because Captchas are neither 100% accessible to people with vision/hearing issues, nor are they sustainable. Most can be broken by bots.

    There is no perfect solution to stop spam. if there was, we all would have done it 10 years ago. As spam BLOCKERS evolve, so do spammers.

    Phrase Vices Poet


    Support for visually impaired people exists in KeyCAPTCHA!
    For the blind – easily implemented, it is simply not priority now

    Most captchas can be broken by bots but KeyCAPTCHA has not been ever passed by any bot (even with the use of laundry attack, i.e. bot redirecting a cpathcha, that it could not pass, to sweatshop human solvers).
    Has it been defeated, KeyCAPTCHA is easily replaceable by other type without plugin reinstall.
    And it is being done preventively.

    Supports dozens of languages.
    The user can even create his own captchas from his own images

    I simply do not know any other similar antispam solution up to now.
    Can you refer me to?

    And Akismet simply made blog commenting impossible
    When I do not see any captcha I even do not try to comment in fear to be again blacklisted by Akismet:
    Akismet Deletes Comments Bloggers NEVER SEE!

    One cannot stop spam with Akismet, because it is retroactive to spamming techniques advancements, also Akismet interact and manages spam bot feeds instead of blocking them.

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