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  • For a while now there is something that is really bothering me with WordPress. The problem is not caused by WordPress itself, but by plugin developers.

    What is the problem?

    Many plugins nowadays shows a notification on top of the screen. Essentially this is ok to do so. But if 10 or more plugins shows a notification almost every day it starts to become a problem. Especially the freemium plugins out there, which often shows an ad for purchasing the pro version with a notification. Some of those notifications are so intrusive that are shown every time you visit the WordPress dashboard.

    For me it’s a becoming a huge problem and it disgusts me. It’s really reducing the joy i have with WordPress. I don’t want to close like 5-10 notifications every time. I think it’s time that WordPress offers a functionality out of the box to deal with this problem in the form of a notification center.

    The idea: Notification Center

    I’d like to see a good notification center within the WordPress dashboard. The notification center offers a couple of options to maintain the notifications you get from WordPress or plugins. The notification has it’s own page within the WordPress dashboard. For example you could locate this feature under Settings > Notification Center.
    Within the Notification Center you can set up which plugins are allowed to show their notifications on top of the screen and with which frequency (one time a day or each time you log in, etc…). There should also be options to group the notifications into one bar, which can be expanded to reduce the notification-clutter on top of the screen, and you choose if the groups needs to splitted into a plugin-group and a WordPress system-group (upgrade notifications, errors etc..).

    These are at least my ideas for this feature, but perhaps you have more ideas to finetune this, hopefully, new option.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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