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  1. AK Ted
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If you search Google for "wordpress shortcode outputs wrong place" (no quotes), the top link is to this WordPress.org Support Forums post. That question is 3 years old, closed, and there is no easily found resolution in that thread, yet Google considers it ''the best article'' regarding those key words.

    I propose that the my solution below, or another deemed better, be moved to that thread. The number one result of a Google search using those keywords should not point to an unresolved, closed WordPress.org Support Forum thread - it should be to a WordPress.org Solution.

    And maybe include in the original question a "TL;DR, see the solution at the bottom" type of statement for those who don't want to wade through the many posts in that thread (or give up before reaching the solution).

    Edit: Fixed code formatting.

    --------- Start proposed solution ---------
    The shortcode callback function shouldn't be echoing to the screen. Just like a normal WordPress filter callback function, you shouldn't be sending output to the screen, or include'ing/require'ing PHP files that do so, without buffering. The output should be buffered using ob_start() then stored in a string for proper handling by the WordPress's Shortcode API

    The commented code below shows how to properly buffer any output from echo statements and/or PHP scripts called with include(), require().

    add_shortcode( 'my_shortcode', 'my_shortcode_callback_function' );
    function my_shortcode_callback_function() {
        // turn on output buffering
        // echo's and HTML won't be written to the screen yet
        echo 'Hello, World! I\'m being buffered!';
            This text is also being buffered. It won't be output to the
            screen until the variable $output (below) is returned to the
            Shortcode API for proper insertion.
        // same as before, any echo's and HTML resulting from include(),
        // require(), etc., won't be output to the screen yet
        include( '/path/to/my/file.php' );
        // store the buffered text, HTML, & PHP into a string variable;
        // any PHP code that has been buffered will be processed and executed
        // at the place where [my_shortcode] is located in your post/page
        $output = ob_get_contents();
        // turn off output buffering, throwing away what was in the buffer,
        // which is what we want since we already stored the buffer's contents
        // in in the variable $output
        // pass the buffered stuff back to the Shortcode API
        return $output;
  2. AK Ted
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just added the modlook tag; I thought I added it originally. I apologize in advance if I did add it and it was removed because a mod already looked. :)

  3. Alas, we can't merge posts. Wish we could. And worse, when a post is closed due to age, we can't open it so... That's it :/

  4. AK Ted
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks, Ipstenu. That's too bad.

  5. Pioneer Web Design
    Posted 3 years ago #

    What one can do is use the tools at Google Search to look for stuff within a time range, for example, last few months..

    Enter the search term and then click the Search Tools and enter a date

    and sort by date

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