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  • The bug to which the chart was not displayed occurred by WassUp 1.6.5.
    It operated normally excluding the chart, but a chart is not displayed.
    The version of MySQL of the hosting service that I am using seem to be and there be a cause in the thing that is MySQL 4.0.24.
    This bug was solved by correcting SQL sentence.

    I edited main.php as follows.

    WassUp -> lib -> main.php

    It looks for the following code.
    $aitems = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT WassUp_id) as items,
    COUNT(WassUp_id) as pages,
    ‘$x_axes_label’) as thedate FROM “.$this->tableName.” WHERE timestamp BETWEEN $hour_fromdate AND $hour_todate “.$this->whereis.” $ss GROUP BY
    ‘$Ctimeformat’) ORDER BY timestamp”, ARRAY_A);

    Correct a part of the code as follows.
    “timestamp-$UTCoffset” to “timestamp – $UTCoffset”

    It is safe ..only putting space.. before and behind operator “-“.
    All bugs can not necessarily correspond by this method.
    However, there seems to be a problem in an interchangeable version of this SQL sentence about the bug to which the chart is not displayed when I examine it.
    As for the occurrence of a similar bug, it might be good to try rewriting this SQL sentence.

    My server environment etc. are put on my blog.
    Please see interesting one by all means.

    I want to report on the bug to the forum of WassUp in a few days.

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  • Hi,
    I’m the wassup’s author, thank you very much for fixing it.
    The new code is just on the svn devel trunk.
    Thanks again

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