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    Hi... all, just want to post in separate post this very important and useful solution from Mel77. In WordPress 2.5.x there is Widget problem (size problem) most of them hide when you try to edit. To solve problem follow... Mel77 solution..it worked for me....


    Find: wp-admin/js/widjets.js

    Find line 20 which looks like this:
    li.css( 'marginLeft', ( width - 250 ) * -1 );

    Change the figure 1 on the end to a 0 so the line now looks like this;
    li.css( 'marginLeft', ( width - 250 ) * -0 );

    I notice also in the file there is a comment which says “// it seems IE chokes on these animations because of the positioning/floating”

    Does this mean the WordPress people have released this knowing there will be problems with IE?

    Also I wonder about support here… I have been using WordPress for a week. Over the years I have used Mambo, osCommerce and vBulletin where the support forums are answered and issues attended to usually within 24 hours by the developers and qualified moderators. Here there appears to be no support by such people.

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