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    First, congratulations for this plugin, helped me a lot.
    Second, sorry for my English, I’m still studying.
    The first problem we find is that for the plugin to work properly, we have to wrap pictures tagged with <a class="gallery_colorbox cboxElement" href=" your image "><img src=”thumb”/></ a>, that should fix the problem.
    Wait, still not working.
    Ok, then the problem is your version of JQuery.
    This plugin uses function .live () to stop the instance href and use the content of this (our image) in the zoom. If you are using a current version of jQuery, you should replace it by the function .on()
    Specifically in:
    Change this:}),a("."+g,b).live("click",function(a){a.which>1||..
    By this:}),a("."+g,b).on("click",function(a){a.which>1||..
    I hope to solve the problem

    Primero, felicitaciones por este plugin, me ayudo bastante.

    El primer problema que encontraremos es que para que el plugin funcione correctamente, tenemos que envolver las imágenes con una etiqueta <a class="gallery_colorbox cboxElement" href=" tu imagen " ></a>, eso debería solucionar el problema.

    Un momento, sigue sin funcionar.

    Ok, entonces el problema es tu versión de JQuery.

    este plugin usa la propiedad .live() para detener la instancia href y usar el contenido de este (nuestra imagen) para crear el zoom. si usas una versión actual de JQuery, es recomendable remplazarla .live() por la funcion .on().

    específicamente en:

    cambiar esto:}),a("."+g,b).live("click",function(a){a.which>1||..
    por esto:}),a("."+g,b).on("click",function(a){a.which>1||..

    Espero resuelva el problema

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  • Plugin Author Sed Lex


    I will change it on the next version I hope

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Just to be sure : the version of jquery is too old or too recent ? Because I cannot do anything regarding the version as it is the version of wordpress I use

    I just followed t3sla’s directions and it worked perfectly with WP 3.8.1 and //


    Hello Sed Lex, JQuery use .live() function to version 1.3, and change to .on() since version 1.7 .live() documentation
    I think could create a select with jquery versions in the plugin settings or use:

    //or if you're using .noConflict():

    …and the script print: .on(), .live() or .delegate() in the javascript

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    Hi tesla …

    I understand your point but colorbox is a code that I do not develop
    I upgrade this part to be sure that the last version of color box and jquery is used

    The last version of this plugin does not solved your issue ?

    I am confused

    Plugin Author Sed Lex


    For clarity sake, a version 1.7.0 has been issue for your specific point discused here … I have hope that would be nice

    My JQuery version is:

    …Jquery did not recognize .live() function, so the change to .on() in the scritp [js_front.js].

    Colorbox author says in the website:
    “Compatible with: jQuery 1.3.2+ in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 7+”.

    But, Some users choose different JQuery versions and encounter this problem.

    Moreover, Jquery API documentation says:
    “As of jQuery 1.7, the .live() method is deprecated. Use .on() to attach event handlers. Users of older versions of jQuery should use .delegate() in preference to .live().”
    Link to documentation

    I hope to clarify the doubt. And as a community to solve the problem, Greetings from Peru

    Obviously the previous post.
    1. Colorbox solved the problem in actual version .
    2. My version of the Plugin is old, But I use WordPress internal plugin search.
    3. WordPress notice me recently 1.7.0 update 1 week later -_- of the plugin install, sorry for the confusion.

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