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  • A plugin added over 80,000 drafts to my blog. I looked for help here and got none. The prevailing wisdom is to delete them one-by-one in the wp-admin interface.

    Anyhow, I developed a solution that works, and deletes the references to the posts in all WordPress tables. If you’re having the same issue and need help, contact me.

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  • Why not share your solution here so the next person who experiences the problem can find an answer quickly?

    Because every time I have asked anything here it has been ignored. I’ve never asked a question here and had anyone even try to answer it. So no. Selfish, sure. If WordPress won’t support their own product I’m not going to do it for them for free. Search this board for “mass delete” and there are plenty of questions. No attempts at an answer. I did see where the developers considered, and refused, to add a solution though.

    Fair enough, although I cannot say I really agree with you. I seem to remember actually replying to you once myself and a quick look through your history, shows me having helped you.

    The reasons for no replies can be many and vary from not actually knowing the answer, to just not seeing it when browsing through the forums.

    All of us have been there and done that in regards to not having threads answered or indeed even acknowledged. I guess it’s just lucky that we do not all take your stance and decide to keep the solution to ourselves. It would not be much of a knowledge base if so.

    >> “I guess it’s just lucky that we do not all take your stance and decide to keep the solution to ourselves.”

    Well, whatever. As much as I’d like to debate the usefulness of this forum as a support resource, this isn’t the place. If one thread was ignored, that would be one thing, but not all my questions. I gave up. If you have replied to me it wasn’t in response to my support questions on WordPress.

    Also, I don’t mean this to be disrespectful to you, Shadow, or any of the others here who do answer questions.

    Bottomline, I found the solution to the problem of mass deleting posts. If anyone has the same problem they can contact me and I’ll take care of it for them. Professionally, and for a reasonable fee. Honestly, I don’t care if anyone contacts me or not. I just see this as a glaring problem no one else has posted a solution to. What I’d really like to see is WordPress address the issue on their own site, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

    For bradford-online:

    Had you paid $450 for WordPress and received no direct support from its developers you have a case. However, WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download and use. This support forum is largely populated with efforts by WordPress users to help each other. Often knowledgeable people who may even be WordPress developers make significant contributions. Also, if you can’t find it here Google elsewhere and you’ll find dozens of other sources for solutions.

    Did you ever consider that perhaps nobody had an answer to offer you within your personal time frame?

    Anyway, my point is that you’re stance is inappropriate for this particular venue.

    Good luck in your future quest for solutions.

    The best solution I’ve found (so far) for mass deleting posts or moving posts from one category to another can be found here

    I tried it and it works fine – the only drawback is that you can’t choose how many posts to delete – it’s either all or none.

    I don’t understand why WordPress simply can’t have checkboxes next to the posts with an option to “check all”, then delete…it can’t be that hard to incorporate.

    Thank-you to the people who have contacted me. However, it was never my intention to provide WordPress support, and I can no longer do it. I shouldn’t have made the offer, but honestly I never thought so many people would write.

    I also never meant to denigrate the people who take the time to provide solutions on here. They are the main source of WordPress support

    As whmitty points out above, you didn’t pay for WrodPress. Although, if you can’t discuss WordPress support in the WordPress Support Forum, what is the appropriate venue? That’s rhetorical, by the way.

    Regardless of my opinion on the support issue, here’s what I’ve learned. WordPress is a joy to work with. If you know nothing about coding, there are a ton of themes, plug-ins, and widgets to customize your installation. These are almost all user contributed for free. If you’re partly fluent in php you can make it jump through hoops.

    If you want to use WordPress for something mission-critical, like your business web site, you need to understand something. It might seem like everyone is getting answers to their questions here. They aren’t. You might have to wait for the answer, you might never get an answer. There’s no reason you can’t use WordPress for your business. I’m just saying, things can go wrong. There is no guaranteed support. You should have someone who really understands WordPress before a problem develops. There are also hosting companies the specialize in WordPress. It might be worth a few extra bucks a month for the extra peace-of-mind.

    Thanks bradford-online for NOT leaving your solution. Its kind of selfish and hypocritical of you. Its people like you who give wordpress support a bad name.

    However, it was never my intention to provide WordPress support, and I can no longer do it.

    Then, why did you leave the email that points to your domain? Why start a post directing people to contact you about a solution that you found then tell them that you never intended to provide support? If he doesn’t want to contribute to wordpress, why let him promote his site? I think this post should be deleted.

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