• Users Ultra has been online for about four years, I am a user of this wonderful plugin since 2014, my experience with this amazing tool has been great, I use not only on my website but on my client’s websites. My client’s range goes from medium companies to large company with thousands of users. I can assure this is one of the most optimized plugin, it won’t slow down your website even using all the add-ons active and running WP sites within 100 third party plugins.

    It’s true that it needs some improvements, something minor like adding new payment processor such as Stripe which is very used on the U.S. Aside from that the plugin works like a charm.
    As for the support, they have removed the forums, which is in my opinion something great which will help the company to offer a faster and organized support.

    I personally removed my own forum, which is a mess when you try to offer support for many clients. Actually, if you have a small team of just 5 supporters, trust me it’s going to become a nightmare to reply to all the client’s questions. Well done, implementing the ticketing system is a great decision.

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