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  • BruceInLouisville


    I started out using another membership plugin, and was very satisfied with it. However, when I decided I wanted to try adding a metered paywall to the site, their tech people said their plugin couldn’t do it.

    I looked around for a while, at various solutions, and in the end turned to Leaky Paywall as a good combination of price and features.

    First, a few negatives:
    – The biggest hassle for me, compared to the previous tool I used, is that LP adds people to different lists in Mailchimp based on their membership level. The previous plugin used custom fields for this, which is MUCH better. I have one list and put everyone into it, so on a regular basis I have to manually reconcile my LP members list with my Mailchimp list.
    – LP doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce, so I cannot give discounts to logged-in members automatically. (I want them to just see the discount automatically when they go to checkout, if they are logged in.) I got around this by creating coupon codes and sending them to the members, but again, I have to remember to do this for each new member.
    – The admin screen for LP was obviously built by someone using the biggest monitor possible, as it scrolls way off the side of my laptop screen. Again, not the biggest hassle in the world, but definitely something of an annoyance.

    Now for the positives:
    – The biggest positive is that it works. We give 7 free articles a month, and after that you have to be a logged-in member to see any more articles. As far as I can tell, LP does a solid job of enforcing that.
    – You can limit content to different membership levels. I am considering having certain pages and articles only be available to higher-level subscribers, and LP supports that. The only glitch with this feature is that it uses the same notice to the user as the metered paywall, so you have to created a message that covers both scenarios.
    – The membership page and registration process seem to be solid. I am using it with both Paypal and Stripe, and have had no problems.

    I have looked at a number of other solutions, and have not found any other metered paywall solution that works this well at this price point.

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