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  • solid forms plugin with an impressive array of features out the box and a suite of add-ons for specialized uses. Only thing holding it back from five stars is an add-on for ability to send collected data to external database of choice, rather than built-in WP DB.

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  • Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    First, thanks for the kind words. We work hard to make Ninja Forms as usable and stable as possible.

    I’m not sure what you mean by sending the collected data to other databases. The reason we store data in the WordPress DB table is that we know that table will exist. We aren’t aware of all the possible third-party applications that users might want to avail themselves of. The plugin is fully extensible, so anyone could write an extension that connected to these external databases. Extensions already exist, for example, for HubSpot and Freshbooks.

    Which external datasources were you wanting to interact with?

    No thank you for the plugin!

    Regarding external DB, certainly aware that you folks can’t possibly know which external applications folks might want to push out to which is why I can understand it not being a part of the default plugin but possibly could be a paid add-on for folks who can’t code a hook themselves. Which is part of the whole sell for WP, simplicity.

    Scenario to better illustrate the meaning:

    John Doe has a form on an old vanilla HTML site that used php to scrape and send all submitted info to a SQL database. John moves to WP, and sees the impressive Ninja Forms plugin which would would work great for his form that he wants to transition. The catch though is that John already has a DB where the data is collected (and accessed by other parties for information retrieval), external to WP, and would like to setup the same fields in Ninja Forms to point to the old database.
    John is a novice coder and while he can understand and tweak code, is by no means proficient.
    A ninja-form add-on that allows this functionality would make Mr. Doe 5-star happy 🙂

    Hope that makes sense. THANKS again for all the hard work you folks put in to make this plugin. Truly appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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