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  • I’ve been using WP Time Capsule for over a year on nearly 100 sites I manage. It’s a solid solution that I recommend for several reasons. One, after the initial backup, WP Time Capsule performs incremental backups that I store in a secure, offsite location (Wasabi integration is very nice and affordable). Incremental backups mean it’s just backing up the changes (faster backups, less storage space, fewer server resources consumed). Second, I can automate to the time and frequency of backups I want (or, if needed go up to “realtime” – tip: if you host multiple sites, arrange backup schedules to avoid multiple sites backing up at the same time to not stress your server). Third, WP Time Capsule allows you to roll back most theme and plugin updates to a previous version if needed. Finally, if your website actually crashes, there is a manual way to rebuild it completely from your WP Time Capsule backups (I’ve done this on several occasions with success).

    Regarding some (most?) of the negative reviews of WP Time Capsule (and many other plugins for that matter)… In short, merely trying to host on many “budget” web hosts is simply asking for trouble. Most web hosts falling within this cheap category are very limiting (and oversold) to the point it’s difficult to do anything other than create a simple blog. Many say “unlimited” but seriously, if you try to actually do that you can guarantee you’ll have problems. Try loading “unlimited” software on your computer or running “unlimited” things at once on your phone and see what happens.

    In conclusion, WP Time Capsule is a premium solution that I highly recommend. It’s doing a lot more than just running something on your website. It requires ongoing resources from their developer and, ideally, some kind of cloud storage solution from you for securely storing the backups. It’s worth the money!

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