• Ben Meredith


    Hey folks, GREAT plugin. I really like it.

    Allows you to go through the “deactivate all plugins” steps very quickly. Note that it doesn’t just simulate the deactivating of the plugins, it actually does it.

    Some feedback as I was using it: I would have loved some more background on what constitutes “required for the site’s functionality” during that step. I obviously figured it out once I went through and marked all of them as required, your plugin was basically like *shrug emoji* and I put 2 and 2 together.

    Perhaps some clarifying language as to what the detective will do with that info:

    “We’ll go through and deactivate the ones that are not required, so if there are some that are just aesthetic or nice-to-have, leave them unchecked”


    “The detective doesn’t want to mess up the site for visitors while interrogating, so check the boxes to tell us what plugins to leave alone.”

    Or similar.

    That’s all I’ve got for now in terms of a review! Great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author croixhaug


    Thanks Ben! We’ll definitely look at the wording there.

    The “required” feature can also be used for plugin support, like a WooCommerce support rep could say “Only mark WooCommerce as required, that will deactivate all other plugins and reintroduce them to help you figure out what’s conflicting with WooCommerce”

    That screen can be a bit confusing the first time you use it, we’ll look for ways to make it more clear. Thanks for the suggestions there!

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