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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to use WP as a mini-CMS, with the goal of having an easy-to-maintain website where I can run a blog along with some static pages and some semi-static content relating to software I write. The blog and static pages stuff is very simple in WP, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do what I want with the semi-static content.

    To be more specific, I have a Page called Code with a sub-page for each project I’ve written. On each sub-page I want to have some blog-like content (news, releases, bugs, etc) and some static content (about, screenshots, features, requirements). For the most part, even the blog-like stuff here should be kept out of my normal blog. Really I want some kind of encapsulated “Software Project” object.

    I would love to hear that somebody has already written a plugin to add and administer software projects like this, where adding a project is just as easy as writing a page and checking some boxes (e.g. do you want a screenshots page?). Could I be so lucky? If not, does anybody have some hints on how to set something like this up?


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  • Here’s some random thoughts.

    Setup a category for each software project. On your main blog page, exclude those categories from The Loop (or conversely, only include non project categories).

    On the Page named “Code”, have a set of essentially static links for the each project category.

    You could get a bit zany, if desired, with Page and Category templates.

    If any of this makes sense, and intrigues you, you can find links for all of it in the Codex — or I could respond back with some decenter starter links to get you rolling.

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