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  • I sent a nice, polite request for support to the company. I’m a developer myself, with over 40 years experience. I’m respectful and courteous when dealing with other developers, as I know what we all go thru.

    Here is the reply, in full:

    Jesse replied
    Sep 26, 7:16pm
    Added to our banned clients list

    Kind regards,
    Jesse Nickles
    Founder, LittleBizzy

    No explanation. Ticket abruptly closed. No response to my “Why?” follow up.

    Consider this before you choose to spend any money with them.

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  • What was the problem you were having?

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    One of the stats he reports is the size of the disk space for the wordpress install. In my case it showed that the site was using 1.7 GB of 9.7 GBavailable. Given that I actually have 500 GB of space, I asked the developer what he was reading to get that 9.7 GB figure. If I knew where he got that figure, I could look at my setup and see if it was misconfigured somehow.

    So I asked him what he was reading to get that… and instead of a reply (like “that’s the size parameter in the config.php file”) I got banned from ever contacting him again with the reply above.

    I wasn’t asking for help; I wasn’t asking for him to do anything except tell me where he got that figure. Seems to me, if he didn’t want to answer, he could have said so; he could have said, “Send me $5 and I’ll tell you.” He could have said “I don’t reply to such questions.” Instead, he just blocked all my emails without saying anything at all.

    Weird, IMHO.

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