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    Hi, im on the install screen on Softaculous and im about to do my first wordpress install and I have some questions I hope someone can answer…

    Choose Protocol – I don’t think this is a vital part but im thinking I should change it to http://www. instead of http:// just because it looks nicer?

    In Directory – I should leave this part empty if I want my wordpress blog to be visible at instead of Is this correct?

    Database Name – It says wp then a seemingly random 3 digit number. Do I need to change this to something more secure?

    Table Prefix – The default is wp_ but im planning on having a network of wordpress blogs on one install. As im setting this one up first, will it be the ‘primary’ blog and all others will come under it? And as such should I leave it at wp_? Or should I change it to mydomain_ (example) and the others would be mydomain2_ mydomain3_ etc.

    Enable Multisite (WPMU) – Im thinking I need to tick this box if I want to have a network of WordPress blogs? That’s what I assumed but I read on another site that if you tick this box a ‘blog’ tag will automatically be added to your site URL eg. This is something I don’t want so can anyone tell me if it’s true?

    I realise these are noob questions and Softaculous is a simple thing but I just want to get everything right first time so I don’t have to go back and change things, which I imagine being more complicated.

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  • Been there, done that, and not recommended. If you’re asking these kind of questions, you really should be doing your own installation, not using one of these installers. Plus, the guide walks you through the questions you should be asking yourself:

    Every time I’ve used Fantastico or the competitor you mentioned, I’ve lived to regret it. From weird language packs to bad configuration files. Things that show up 6 months, a year, two years later, and cause you grief.

    Mrinal Buddekar


    Here what I would have used;

    1. Protocol: Just ‘http://’ and if you got SSL certificate then ‘https://”
    2. Domain: Your domain or Addon domain
    3. Directory: Leave it blank and everything will go in directory ‘/’ if your installing wordpress on subdomain and if main domain then into folder ‘Public_html’.
    4. DB name: You can change it as required.
    5. Table prefix: If you have multi-site then, it’s better to have something like initials of website name etc. E.g. wp_fb (for FaceBook). You can make many table prefix like that and have many sites in one database. But I recommend use separate databases for separate sites.
    6. MU: I am not sure how to handle this one. Hope someone can answer this.

    I will say; I like Fantastico for automated installs. But more than that I love Manual installs.

    Hope this helps!



    @jonradio can you share your Softaculous experience with us.
    I guess you must have used another Auto Installer which doesnt do updates or doesnt give proper packages.
    BTW, we check and push for updates everyday.
    I am sure if you use Softaculous you will like it.



    Thanks for your replies. I am not technically minded and I’ve only recently bought hosting and im figuring my way around cPanel. If there’s an easier way to do something I usually do it that way. I’ve heard a manual WordPress installation isn’t that hard but with Softaculous it’s just a few clicks.

    Can someone confirm the problems with Softaculous that jonradio mentioned, or any other problems they’ve had? From what I’ve read it’s generally considered a better auto installer than something like Fantastico, as it doesn’t create a file like Fantastico’s fantversion.php (security risk) and to upgrade it you use the WordPress upgrade tool, unlike other auto installers.

    I totally agree that Softaculous is better than Fantastico, based on my experience over the last 5 years. In terms of Softaculous problems, my last use of it was late last year, but the problem just “bit me” in the last month.

    Rather than leaving the wp-config.php value of WPLANG blank as is the WordPress default, Softaculous set it to EN. WordPress interpreted this to mean American English and kept giving me messages about language packs, especially during WordPress Version Upgrades (which are stressful enough without weird warning messages). I spent quite a while trying to figure out what was going on, and I was right in the middle of trying to Go Live with the site at the time.

    It could be worse. The worst problem I had with Fantastico was a phpBB install made with it 5 years ago that bit me about 3 years ago, during a phpBB version upgrade. A number of bugs cropped up all because Fantastico had installed as American English instead of the British English default of phpBB. Although the bugs were in the seldomly used U.S. English language pack for phpBB, I would not have been bothered by them if Fantastico had stuck with the default British English.

    Over the last 5 years though, the most frequent problems I’ve had with Fantastico revolved around version upgrades. Scenario was like this: one of the software packages installed by Fantastico just released a new “version” to overcome a hot new security problem. Fantastico doesn’t have the new version ready to install yet. I would do the version update using other means — the software’s built-in update facility — and then Fantastico would forever think I had an older version than the one I actually had.

    As I said at the start, my most recent experience with both autoinstallers is about 9 months old because I have since switched TWICE to new web hosts, neither of which (DreamHost and now linode) come with either autoinstaller.




    Sir, we dont set the Language to EN if you select English as the Language.
    Only if you set some other language the string is inserted into the config.

    Glad to know that you’ve fixed that problem.



    We have a team which constantly checks for updates and pushes them. If you ever face an issue with Softaculous, just email us and we will be happy to assist you.

    softaculous – We are using a web host that supports softaculous and mostly use WordPress/ Joomla/ Drupal etc.

    Now for the sake of consistency, we wanted to use softaculous on our local development / test box prior to moving stuff to the web host.

    Is there anyway we can do the same? We cannot affort to pay for a licensed version as this is a dev box only.



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    As this is not a WordPress related question, please try a forum that is dedicated to Softaculous.

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