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  • So, I installed socialite and it did not seem to work ‘out of the box’. I got a php error; something about unserialize. Didn’t know what this meant but after some searching, I found that I can ‘skip’ this in the code and it would work.

    So, I commented out $this->options = unserialize($this->options);

    So, I tried to setup my twitter account again. The plugin took my very first time and I setup a test post. It seemed to work literally for 30 sec. Meaning, I saw that a twitter post was created with the shortened URL. But than I turn around and the tweet has disappeared and now the Socialite plugin will not store my twitter username/password on the settings page!!!

    Need help. I have PHP 5. I assume it has to be something that I’m overlooking aside from the Socialite plugin because this is the 5th twitter plugin I’ve tried and I can’t get the others to work either.

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