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    Ok so I’m trying to get my social settings sorted on my pages/posts, however, when I click the Social Settings tab nothing happens (besides the #aioseop_opengraph_settings extension added to the url), I repeat, this is only happening on certain pages/posts, on the pages where it does work the #aioseop_opengraph_settings extension is not added to the url of said page.

    Please help this is driving me insane only being able to add setting for SOME of my pages.

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  • Are you debugging your posts/Pages with the Facebook debugger tool?

    Have you created a Facebook App ID in Feacebook’s Developer section?

    You chicks create and add your app ID and debug all posts and pages.

    If you haven’t turned on the social meta settings module under the feature manager, then the above mentioned things are moot until you turn that on. On ever page and post it will add a tab to the SEO panel to manage all individual pages and posts.

    It would help tremendously If you actually read the documentation instead of turning to the forums to get answers to these common issues.

    Actually the Social Settings module is switched on, hence why it is working on some pages.
    My question specifically asked why it wasn’t working ONLY ON CERTAIN pages/posts.
    The button for the module appears on every single page/post edit screen but when I click it the settings don’t come up – already said that too….
    I have looked through the documentation, support forum etc and found nothing helpful, so I thought I would turn to my own post.
    What would be tremendously helpful however, is if someone could read my question properly and respond appropriately instead of just assuming it’s a stupid question??

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Most likely it’s a plugin/theme conflict which you can determine with these steps in our documentation here:
    If there’s a plugin/theme conflict, let us know which one and we’ll take a look.

    Just to to be clear, I don’t work for AIOSEO. I consider myself a power user and I contribute to the community by helping out where I can.

    As far as I know and throughout my entire experience with AIOSEO, I have never seen it not work with all pages and posts. If you have a custom post type, that could be the issue that you don’t have the setting turned on for the CPT.

    Alternatively, another plugin could be conflicting with AIOSEO, preventing the tab from displaying properly (I see a the plugin author replied with instructions to troubleshoot). I have never been in a situation in the over 30 sites I manage where AIOSEO social meta is not available on all general posts/pages.

    I’m not implying your question is stupid. I’m just challenging you to look a little deeper before asking the question, so then maybe you’ll find the answer on your own first.

    There are many times people will turn to plugin authors and either be frustrated with them or blame them for things that happen, and then they dig deeper and find out it wasn’t the plugin that was the cause of their frustration in the first place.

    I apologize if you felt I was calling your question stupid.

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    Before I go through all that once again, can I ask why it would work on one page/post edit screen but not the other? Example:

    Page 1 Edit Screen – social setting tab works and options appear
    Page 2 Edit Screen – social settings tab does not work and options do not appear (it stays on the AIOSEO general settings, which works perfectly on all posts/pages btw)

    Post 1 Edit Screen – social settings tab works
    Post 2 Edit Screen – social settings tab does not work

    Every page uses the same plugins and ofc theme, so it doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t a plugin/theme conflict occur on all pages/posts or just pages or just posts (which I have read about)

    I’ve been trying to get this sorted all day, this is my last resort posting here, I’m not frustrated with the AIOSEO plugin or authors (I LOVE the plugin), rather why it’s not working. All my plugins are needed for full functionality, nothing seems out of the ordinary there, are there known plugins to cause such an odd conflict. My apologies too, it’s been a very long ratty day!


    It would be helpful if you used a tool like Cloudup or CloudApp to take screenshots of each admin screen and post them for the plugin author to view here.

    Another step you might want to take is to clear your cookies and browser cache for the site you’re working on. And, clear any caches that you might also be using, like CloudFlare or at your host and see if that solves the problem.

    Lastly, you might want to disable all plugins but AIOSEO and see if that works natively with the theme and also switch the theme to a wordpress base theme like twenty twelve or above and see if it works with the base theme.

    If so, then you either have a theme or plugin conflict and as MIchael wrote, you can post the theme your using and a list of plugins and hey can better assess how to help you given that info.

    P.S. To answer your last question, not necessarily. Anything is possible.

    P.P.S. I just want to add that troubleshooting any WordPress issue like this really starts with going back to the base.

    1. Disable all plugins but AIOSEO
    2. Switch the theme to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Twelve or above.
    3. Test.

    If AIOSEO social meta works with the default theme, then you know you have an issue somewhere else.

    If it doesn’t, then you can report the bug on the AIOSEO GitHub page and they generally respond quickly to look into it.

    But, if you’re using a custom theme and some custom plugins or a Theneforest (or equivalent) theme or Code Canyon (or equivalent) plugin, then your problems may persist because of the challenges of getting support from those authors.

    Michael Torbert


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    can I ask why it would work on one page/post edit screen but not the other?

    I can’t possibly know with absolute certainty based on the limited information I have, but when one person has a problem nobody else has ever reported and can’t be reproduced on a basic installation, it’s almost always a plugin/theme conflict.
    No, there are no known conflicts that would cause this, otherwise, I’d a) tell you and b) have already fixed it.

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