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  • I installed then facebook plugin and enter my app ID and App secret. When I go to social publisher it have 5 prerequisites. The first one (A Facebook application identifier associated with) have a little green check mark. The second one (Associate an Open Graph action-object pair for your application: people can publish an article) is a link that take me to open graph: getting started. I put people can publish an article and hit get started. From there on the Open Graph dashboard i’m lost. I hit submit under action types but it tell me (You must publish at least one action to your Timeline using this action type. Review the documentation.) I looked at the documentations but not sure what to do next. Can someone please help me with then next step to be able to publish my post on my Facebook Fan page.


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  • I got mine working mostly through trial and error, because this plugin has the worst documentation ever. Why they would make a plugin this complicated with zero documentation is beyond me, but I’ll try to help you out.

    If I remember correctly, what you want to do at this point is make sure that your WordPress site is authenticated with your Facebook account, and then publish a post from your WordPress site. You also want to make sure that you have a 16px image and a 75px image uploaded to your Facebook app, so you have a unique icon. Now, you can submit, but they are going to ask you for trigger steps. Mine look something like this.

    1. Go to, login to your WordPress user account.
    2. Go to the Facebook for WordPress and sync your WordPress user’s Facebook account with it.
    3 Go to Add New Post or Add New Page.
    4. Create a New Post or a New Page, provide an entry in the “Facebook Status on Your Timeline” field.
    5. Press “Publish”
    6. The published post or page will now be posted as well on the WordPress user’s Facebook

    Don’t even ask how to enable the optional properties. Apparently you need some kind of secret password.

    Thank you for replying. I still having trouble. I’m able to add the like, send button and comments but I still can not figure out this social publisher.
    1. I loged it not my wordpress account.
    2. Then made sure my account was synced by re adding the app id and the app secret on the general tab on the Facebook tab in wordpress.
    3. Then I tried both new page and new post.
    4. I created both a page and a post. But I did not see “Facebook Status on Your timeline” field. Where can I find this?
    5. I try publishing anyhow to see what happen. and nothing happen.
    6. I went to my facebook page did not see it and.

    Thanks in advance for any additional help

    After you publish, you need to go back to open graph and submit your publish action, just like you did the first time.

    Those directions I listed aren’t for you, Those are for you to use, when you go back to open graph, and submit your publish action. When you submit your publish action, they will ask you for “trigger steps” That’s when you need to use that list that I made. Be sure to use the actual name of your website and not “” Now that you’ve published a post, you shouldn’t get the error message you got the first time.

    What about the next window that comes up for tagging, explicit sharing and user message actions?

    That’s a great question teomaragakis, and I wish I could help you. I’ve been looking for an answer myself. For now, I just have explicit sharing checked, and even though they haven’t approved it, it seems to be working, but I cannot figure out why it’s so difficult to get the optional properties approved, and why nobody seems willing to help with the process. There should just be a simple template to follow, where you fill in the information for your site, and voila it’s approved. I have no idea why they’ve gone out of their way to make the process, so difficult. Many people are having troubles with it, and are looking for help, but good luck finding it.

    Yeah, you’re right. This plugin is far from functional / easy to use and it’s lacking a lot of things. User login and a social reader are two things from the top of my head.

    Social Publisher is working with NEW PAGES or NEW POSTS however not working with NEW PORTFOLIO ITEM…any ideas for the solution?

    I don’t know why they made this so hard. That was not my first post today. But I mad another one. and I’m still getting the same message. “Publish Actions
    You must publish at least one action to your Timeline using this action type. Review the documentation.” when I hit “submit” on the open graph page. Any idea what I should do next?

    Hello Entr3preneur06.

    I’ve got the same problem.

    I have just send for approval my app (and not my “publish action”). I think the app must be aproved first so then we can publish the first test action. After this first test publishing I’ll send the “Publish Action” for approval.

    Did you tried to do this?

    Hello, macolen

    Did you get yours to work? I’m still stuck at the same place. I sent for approval for my app. Now I’m guessing I need to send my first test publishing. Can you tell me how to do this?


    It just don’t works.

    First I realised that could be a problem of communication between my server and Facebook, because this plugin requires a secure HTTPS connection to work. But later, I discovered that everything is all right with my connection and with my plugin. Everything works fine, just Social Publisher doesn’t works.

    So, that is still a kind of mysterious problem.

    And my app does not been approved yet.

    We have discussed the matter in my company and we find all similar solutions in the market lacking. For this, we are considering building a plugin of our own. I will keep you posted.

    Seems that the Open Graph Method changed, so the plugin and the facebook developer system isn’t talking the same thing.

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