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    We seem to be having some small issues that we can’t figure out yet and are wondering whether someone else has them too.

    When we write a post in WordPress and we publish it straightaway the post is also send to Facebook. It shows up as expected.

    When we write a post in WordPress and we schedule it for publishing later we have to wait for the cron to publish.
    Once the cron has published the post it shows up on our blog. Other functions (like post to twitter) are run fine.
    But the post isn’t published on Facebook.

    We are running Facebook-plugin v1.1.5 and WordPress 3.4.2

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  • We are having the same issue. All immediately published posts work properly but all scheduled posts do not post to Facebook.

    Posting to twitter and Google+ works for us on scheduled posts, just not Facebook.

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    I have been investigating this issue, and it seems that the add_action calls are only made when the class is being initialised/constructed.

    During a scheduled publishment the facebook classes aren’t initialised.
    Therefor the publish function isn’t called.
    Second thing i noticed is that when i add the add_action calls outside a class in a file that is actually loaded, the old and new status are both set to ‘inherit’.

    I am not sure how this has to work out, as i would expect ‘scheduled’ and ‘publish’ as statuses.

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    Additional investigation proved the non publishing towards Facebook when a post with the XMLRPC api is created.
    This is because the save function isn’t always fired it seems.

    Having the same error with 1.1.5. Publish now sends the post to facebook, however I still get an error message about og:type. Scheduled posts do not work at all. This has been happening since I updated the plugin.

    I also am getting an og:type error, saying the post is type “website” when it should be type “article”. Posts, scheduled or not scheduled, are not publishing to Facebook for me. This is the only feature I wanted to use from this plugin, so at the moment it is useless.



    Same issue here while running version 1.1.8 of the plugin. Actually for me the social publishing for scheduled posts has never worked with this plugin 😐
    What is different in the last few versions is that the page where posts should be published on remains saved (compared with some earlier versions of the plugin).

    If there’s any debugging info needed, I’d be glad to offer it so this issue gets sorted out.

    I can add my vote too for a fix on this. It seems some of the scheduled posts are getting published, and some don’t.

    I’m using version 1.1.8 and I am experiencing the same problem.

    Version 1.1.8 here and same problem with scheduled posts not posting onto Facebook, would be nice if this was resolved.

    what are the odds that this problem is going to be fixed anytime soon?

    i’ve tried every single facebook/wordpress plugin, and not a single once can simply send published posts (instantly or scheduled) to a facebook page.

    why is this so difficult??
    my twitter plugin works without a hitch.

    I’ve tried Add Link to Facebook and it DOES NOT WORK with scheduled posts.

    I’ve run several tests and my conclusion is:
    -when you schedule a post, then close wordpress and facebook
    -then wait to see the post appear on website
    -it does not appear on facebook page

    only when you RELOGIN to wordpress, does it instantly appear on the facebook page

    I can’t believe this problem. it sounds like everyone is experiencing this with every single plugin out there.

    No – there are WordPress Facebook plugins that work with scheduled blog posts when the browser is not open.

    that’s so disappointing.

    the closest solution i’ve found is a facebook plugin called RSS Graffiti.

    I think WP to Twitter plugin had the same problem and the autor has found a solution.
    Please check it here:

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