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  • Hello.
    I need to do create a private area ina site where n users can upload and download stuff,see a list of the private files etc.I thought that this is what I was searching for,but I am having problems on using it ina clean way.When I enable Private files plugin,for instance,via admin user,and I set ‘User at least: author’ and I read a post/page with attachment in the content placed in /uploads/2009/month/ It will not be visible anymore.Maybe it is a mine bad usage of the whole thing,so I am asking support on setup all the plugin set to get exactly the following:

    1.Have a private area where specific users can upload,download stuff,also maybe write stuff between them…

    I thought about create a category called like ‘privateArea’ and use it as main db root,plus a subfolder in wp-content/uploads/privateArea/ where to store all uploaded/downloaded stuff.Then found this plugin set and lost my way.totally.

    Ideas please?

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