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  • Sorry to post another issue so soon, I laughed.. So if I include a quiz at the bottom of an article or in an article.. My social plugin would be at the bottom of the page like it would be on any post.. Which it is.. If a person then takes the quiz, this happens..

    I can disable my social plugin per post but then I have none at all unless they complete the quiz which is a bit silly.. If I enable your social share then I get my social plugin AND yours under it.. So 3 bunched together! If I disable mine and just leave yours enabled then again, they’d only get share options if they complete the quiz..

    Ideally I just want mine at the bottom & for mine to not be getting called by your plugin.. It’s defo an inline issue & perhaps i’ll have to css it out of view so only my expected one is remaining at the bottom.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Plugin Author Harmonic Design


    Hi Phil,
    Unfortunately, that is controlled by your social sharing plugin, not HD Quiz.

    I’m guessing that you are using the social share plugin’s built-in option to automatically place the share widget on your posts/pages.

    What’s happening is that your social share plugin is looking at the content of the page to find other social share links. If it finds them, it thinks “great! Looks like here is a good place the put the widget!“. It finds HD Quiz’s social icons, and this inserts it’s own social share icons as well.

    HD Quiz’s social sharing is better though because it doesn’t just share the page, it will share the quiz results. The Twitter share does this automatically, and you can connect HD Quiz to Facebook to allow Facebook to share the results as well – something that no third party social are plugin can do.

    My Recommendations: Either see if your plugin can disable the “automatically” place feature, and edit your theme to manually place those share icons where you want them, or else, leave everything as is and add some CSS to your site to hide that plugins sharing icons inside HD Quiz results. If you can send me a link to a quiz, I can create the CSS that you will need.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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