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  • bornstein75


    Hi Brian,

    I am using your lovely social media widget and there is just one thing i want to customise but I can’t work out how.

    I would like to add padding on top of the icons so they aren’t so close to the top of my site.

    What code do i place in the CSS file to allow padding before the icons and where in the file do I place this code?

    To see what i mean you can find my site at:




    Thank you Brian, awesomeness!!!

    Hi Brian, thanks for your awesome plugin! I’m loving it. I have one issue with the Pinterest icon. I can’t seem to get my pinterest URL to save into the form. When I use http:// before it, it doesn’t recognise it and the Save wheel goes around forever. So I put and it converts it to Can you please tell me if I’m doing something wrong? I’ve tried various vatiations of my pinterest account.

    PS, I’ve used the Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds and they all work perfectly, it’s just Pinterest I’m struggling to get working.


    Make sure you have “http://” in front of the URL.

    Hi Brian, thanks for your reply. I had tried that already as well. It won’t save when I put that in. Then I saw that FB and Twitter have https so I tried it with the ‘s’ as well and that doesn’t work either. The little saving wheel just keeps spinning around for forever unless I put The plugin automatically adds my domain name before the pinterest account, so from my website it doesn’t work 🙁

    I’m using thesis theme, not sure if that makes a difference.
    Has anyone else had the same issue?

    Hi Liesha, this is what I have entered into the Pinterest field in the widget. and it works fine.


    I’ve not heard of this issue, but I think you may want to uninstall the plugin completely and reinstall it. It sounds like something isn’t working correctly that a reinstall may resolve.

    If you don’t add http:// it’s going to make the link <a href=""></a>. The way URLs work is if there isn’t http:// the browser assumes you’re pointing to a relative URL on your own site so I can’t change browser behavior as much as I would love to be able to.

    Another thought it to try using a different browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer, try using Chrome. If you’re using Chrome, try using Firefox. If you’re using Firefox, try using Internet Explorer.

    Also try clearing all of your browser caches and then going in and saving again.

    Awesomeness thank you. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.

    Ok, nope, none of that worked. I deactivated the plugin then deleted it from cpanel file manager because I can never delete plugins from wordpress for some reason. I reinstalled it and have the same problem. I use Chrome, so I went to IE and the same problem, then Firefox, same deal. The minute I try to put the http:// the save wheel just spins for eternity. I’ve got all the other buttons working fine. Any more ideas? Sorry to be a pest 🙁

    Thanks kmreece, I thought I’d try and trick my plugin and put your pinterest address! Sadly that didn’t work either 🙁 That little donut of death just keeps on spinning. It will only save if I leave off the http:// but then of course it doesn’t work on my site.

    What happens if you hit save, wait a few seconds with the spinning thing and then just go to the site without waiting for it to disappear? Does it save anything?

    What other plugins do you have installed, and what version of WordPress? What operating system does your hosting service use? What version of PHP/MySQL is your hosting service using? If you can list out that stuff I can do an install that is a lot like yours and try to reproduce. If I can reproduce it, I may be able to look at my server’s error logs that might shed more light on what it happening.

    I’ve done this a few times where the hosting service is running an older version of PHP or MySQL or an older version of an operating system. I’d create a virtual machine on my computer that tries to simulate the environment you’re running and I’m able to diagnose whether it’s my plugin doing something weird or the environment just isn’t compatible with some of the stuff I’m trying to do with it.

    No it just keeps spinning. I started a save 20 minutes ago when I posted then went onto other things. That wheel is still spinning 20 minutes later! This is what I have (sorry it’s a hideously long list):
    * Akismet (inactive)
    * All in One SEO Pack
    * Analytics360
    * Contact Form by
    * Conversion Popup Survey (inactive)
    * Dynamic Widgets
    * Facebook Connect
    * Facebook Feed Grabber
    * Floating Social Media Icon (inactive)
    * Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce
    * Google XML Sitemaps
    * gtrans
    * Hello Dolly (inactive)
    * Image Widget
    * MailChimp Widget
    * Section Widget (inactive)
    * Smart Manager for WP e-Commerce
    * Social Media Widget
    * Sodahead Polls
    * The OpenHook Customizations Manager
    * Tierra Audio Playlist Manager
    * Vanilla Forums
    * Widgets on Pages
    * WP Compare Tables
    * WP e-Commerce
    * WP Survey And Quiz Tool (inactive)

    I just updated to the latest version of WordPress 3.4. The issue was there before updating though. I use Chrome, but checked the issue and it’s in IE and Firefox as well. I can’t see what version of PHP/MySQL or the operating system my hosting uses, should I call them and ask or can I find it somewhere in cpanel?

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