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  • Hi All,

    Hope you are all well?

    I have a query which I am hoping someone can help with.

    Let me first explain my situation. I have a client who is starting up a bootcamp, and this client wants a way of being able to upload daily videos to the site, motivational quotes and just general info for his clients in a sort of ‘social feed’. He wants users to be able to go to this ‘social feed’ area on the website and browse posts just like you would on Facebook (being able to play videos from the feed, read the text etc..).
    My client also wants a way of allowing people to comment on these posts and have conversations through these comments, just like you would see on facebook.

    I have done my research and have come up with a solution which would work, but isn’t the best. Essentially what I would do is utilise a plugin which provides better templates for blog posts, so I can customize them to look neater on the page and have multiple exerpts display in a feed style. If a user then wanted to interact with these blog posts they would click on it to open the post, and then read the content/play the video and then comment on it at the bottom.
    This is fine as a first pass, however it does still look like a feed of blog posts rather than just posts, and the above solution doesn’t allow the users
    to interact with the posts unless they click on each one to open it.

    My client doesn’t want to use a facebook feed plugin either as this is going to be private service to paying members, so won’t be exposing any of the content to the general public.

    My question is really just to see if anyone knows of any plugins that provide what I am looking for above? And if not if there are any knowledge bases anyone knows about which talk about the above?

    Let me know if anyone has any further questions 🙂



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  • I think you could easily do this with post formats, in your theme.

    Post Formats

    Choose one format to use, such as status, and always show the complete content for that post format (instead of the excerpt).

    You would need to use special handling of comments also, since by default, comments are only shown on single post pages, not on archives.

    Hi Joy,

    Many thanks for for quick response!

    That looks like exactly the kind of thing I am looking for, cheers for that! That will save me having to purchase any plugins to do this – and looking at the wordpress templates, most of them support the post formats too 🙂

    No worries regarding the comments – do you know of any resources which could kind me when it comes to displaying comments on the posts when not on the single page post view?



    I think the theme used on the WP Make blogs does this. It is called P2.
    Basically, you have to duplicate the comments_template function minus the check for whether you are on the single page, and then feed the correct post ID for each post in the list to get the correct comments. The generated links for comment reply and comment permalink assume the single post page. And the javascript for comment-reply probably assumes only one comment section also.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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