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    When sharing posts on social media, the link does not unfurl and no image or description is displayed.

    WordPress has always done this automatically by pulling from the metadescription and featured image.

    No changes have been made to WordPress or any other plugins.

    Detailed Twitter thread here:

    Might be linked: pages are no longer indexed with google

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Twitter card validator reports:

    INFO: Page fetched successfully
    WARN: No metatags found

    Despite meta info provided for both Google and Twitter.

    Jono Alderson


    It looks like you have two sets of opengraph/twitter meta tags on your page. One set is from Yoast, and the other is from the ‘Heateor Open Graph Meta Tags’ plugin. The values they both output are the same, so that shouldn’t break anything, but I’d like to rule it out as a potential smoking gun. Can you try disabling that plugin?

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    Jono Alderson


    Well, I think that I’ve found the problem. It looks like your server is returning a 500 (error) response for that URL – and in fact, all URLs – even though the page is loaded correctly. That’s definitely going to cause Google/Twitter/FB etc to behave in odd ways.

    I’m struggling to see anything from the outside-in which might be causing that; it’s likely related to your server/hosting setup, or something odd that your theme is doing. You mentioned that this was new-ish behaviour; perhaps something changed on the server-side recently?

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    Google is not currently indexing our pages – could that be it?

    No server changes.

    Jono Alderson


    Yep, a 500 error will definitely cause indexing issues. This is definitely the root of all of these problems.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure how you’d go about easily finding out why this is happening; it’s an odd situation, and one I’ve rarely seen in the wild.

    I suggest I tag-team in our support team to run through some steps to rule out plugin/theme conflicts, and hopefully, we can narrow down the surface area.

    It looks like you’re hosted with WP Engine, unless I’m wrong – it might be worth reaching out to them, too?

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    I meant is the lack of indexing causing the WordPress issue?

    We know that google has removed us due to it’s canonical indexing issue (and currently aren’t taking new index submissions).

    No changes to server.

    Plugin Support Pcosta88


    Hi @dominicmio ,

    I am a member of the Yoast support team, stepping in here. The issue is that you have a server 500 error on This prevents both proper sharing on social media and getting correctly indexed in Google.

    Making the article appear on Google and sharing it on social media are unrelated things. However, they both have issues due to the 500 error.

    We recommend reaching out to your host provider for more information. They may need to check the server settings.

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    You are now chatting with Justin S

    Hey Dominic! How can I give you a hand?

    The guys at Yoast informed me we have a server 500 error on
    I reported an issue with our blog posts unfurling on social media and they think the WP enginee 500 error is causing it.

    “This prevents both proper sharing on social media and getting correctly indexed in Google.”

    “We recommend reaching out to your host provider for more information. They may need to check the server settings.”
    Here’s their thread, if it helps:

    Hmm, taking a look I don’t currently see any known 500 errors within the site server, so that’s definitely particular.

    They specifically called out the post I was using as an example – which is this one: but the same issue was happening for all blog posts

    Hmm, unfortunately I’m not able to pull up any specific errors around this, server or site wise. Let me do a little digging and see what else I can turn up.

    I couldn’t find anything either – but I’m not very technical and assumed the Yoast people were smarter than me 🙂

    Hmm, so far I still haven’t been able to dig up the errors they are producing. I’m not quite certain this one is server related. Typically, sharing of this content would be managed by a plugin/theme. Have they already investigated that?

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    WP engine support ticket ##4331382

    Plugin Support Pcosta88



    We did a curl check on to look at its headers, it is showing a server 500. You may want to have them also do a curl check to examine the headers. See image:

    If WPEngine says the server has been correctly configured and set-up (but you may want to have them re-check just to be absolutely sure) then we can only recommend a conflict check as some other plugin or theme is impacting it.

    You can use this guide to: Check for conflicts. Install the Healthcheck plugin and enable troubleshooting. Then switch to a standard theme like 2020. Does the issue resolve? NOTE: This will not affect how users see your site.



    i faced same issue when isee page source i see double open graph tags NO 1 tags i don’t know how to m generate but 2nd is jetpack open graph tags is my website go on my website open any article/post and see page source you will see og tags

    Plugin Support Michael Tina


    Hey @dominicmio

    We tested out your link on both Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool and the Twitter Card Validator Tool and both previews are loading as expected. Could you check from your end and see if you are now able to share it on social media and get the expected social preview?


    We are sorry you’re having a similar issue. Per the forum guidelines, we ask that you please create separate topics for the issues you are experiencing. That way it’s easier to track issues and provide assistance on your specific concerns on your specific site. Plus, you will get your own alerts for the issue rather than someone else’s.

    You may make a new topic here:

    Plugin Support devnihil


    We are going ahead and marking this issue as resolved due to inactivity. If you require any further assistance please create a new issue.

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