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    Just a quick note to inform this plugin’s users that we forked Social Connect after his original developer discontinued its support.

    For the moment a beta can only can be downloaded over at our site
    [EDIT – download upon providing contact information]

    We are preparing the SVN to re-release it on

    Thank you,

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  • Sorry, but where can it be downloaded? I don’t see a link to the forked version.

    Also, does this fork fix the EpiOAuth.php errors?

    HI, the link was stripped.

    Please search “tt social connect” on google and you’ll find it.

    Yes it fixes all Api problems.

    Why aren’t you distributing this through the normal WordPress Plugin Directory?

    Because even though we only fixed the Twitter API which was the thing no longer working, people from wordpress plugin directory told us that there are few things that should be fixed in order to make the plugin pass their review. All these things were there in the old plugin and it is nothing we added to fix the Twitter API. I don’t know why they were good back than and are no longer acceptable now… Long story short, at the moment we don’t have the time to deal with it…

    That makes sense. But I am not comfortable registering for a website just down download a plugin. Why do you require people to register?

    If you want to buy/download our plugins, we require to register. it’s our policy. What’s wrong with that???

    Nothing *wrong* with it. I’m just not comfortable with it personally, and I wondered why you insist on it.

    I was excited to see the plugin had been fixed by someone, but I am disappointed it’s not available through the directory. That’s the way I get plugins.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    Plugin guidelines grow and change over time. We try to work backwards and improve all the old ones, but it’s an ongoing process.

    Looking at the email we sent you, two were minor (removing and calling CSS locally instead of remotely), and one was a little more complicated. We don’t allow plugins to call wp-load.php directly anymore for a multitude of reasons. But that’s mostly for improved security on everyone’s part. It makes plugins a little safer and more sustainable 🙂

    It’s kind of like how Twitter changes their API 😉

    Hi Ipstenu,

    Thanks for your answer, that makes sense and I’ve nothing against wordpress reviewing and improving their guidelines.

    We fixed this plugin because it was used by various geotheme customers, our business directory solution and we did it the fast and dirty way without thinking about cleaning anything else that could be improved.

    We estimated roughly another hour of work to 100% comply with the points raised in the email sent to us. However now, we are working on 2 bigger plugin projects which are much more important to us, so we momentarely made the fixed plugin available through our wee marketplace.

    If anyone really needs it now, they can register and download it.

    As soon as we will be done with our projects, we will definitely go back and finish TT Social Connect too, so that we can make it available on wordpress plugin directory as it should be…



    Hi, does TT Social Connect work with WordPress 3.6 and Buddypress 1.8 ?

    Thanks for spending time on this plugin.

    As soon as we will be done with our projects, we will definitely go back and finish TT Social Connect too, so that we can make it available on wordpress plugin directory as it should be…

    Great! I am looking forward to that.

    Plugin Author Rodrigo Primo


    @ipstenu and @paoltaia, could you please share with me the e-mail with the list of improvements you mentioned. I’m assuming the development of this plugin.

    By the way, yesterday I released version 0.10 which should fix the Twitter problem.

    Was this the plugin that used to be at and isn’t there any longer?
    It was used by a lot of people and now looks to have been vapourised.

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