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  • I like the sociable plugin, but I noticed that on smaller screened devices like tablets and smartphones when my fully responsive website is viewed the nonresponsive sociable skyscraper overcomes the site’s body due to it not being responsive. In other words it stays the same pixel size as it would on a larger screened device like a desktop computers screen even though that means it occupies the majority of the screen on a smart phone etc and my responsive site shrinks to fully reformat itself to the smaller screen size, thus going fully under the skyscraper and making my sites content completely unviewable.

    Is there any way to set the skyscraper so that it does not overlap my websites body content when the screen size becomes smaller and my fully responsive site adjusts and the skyscraper does not?

    Even something like a setting that would make it automatically disappear or something when it detects that it is not being viewed on a full sized desktop screen so that it does not literally takeover my website.


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  • /follow since I’m looking for an answer to this problem as well.

    Ok so I was digging around and found out some things on my own:

    Digg Digg has a option to have their vertical bar disappear when the screen width goes below a user defined pixel width. but it is not compatible very well with my very complicated theme.

    Also I found Responsive Social-Share Sidebar but they seem to very un customizable and the display was totally corrupted on my site. but again my theme is very complicated and has a tun of custom coding.

    I also found: Sharebar and they are customizable and the vertical display fades out when the screen width goes below a user set specific pixel width but the same problems with them there verticalr share bar would not display correctly on my site.

    Also some of these corrupted my theme in various ways.

    So I have settled for ShareThis there vertical share bare is stuck to the side of the screen and is only 43 pixels wide. But it seems to be a solid product and does not at all corrupt anything on my site and is small enough to not overlap my content and still big enough to get people to click on it and share my stuff. and I may try to apply the code from the other share plugins to it so it automatically disappears on smaller devices. like the others do.

    But I still really really like the Sociable plugin a lot and I may try the diapearing code on that when I get time.

    Ok just an update from my own research but if the guys at Sociable from Blogplay are listening maybe they can make this an option to their skyscraper. then they would really be the king of the hill. And the same goes for Share This by Kalpak Shah@ShareThis.

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