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  • When putting sociable in my plugins directory the images didn’t load. If I specify the path to the images in the settings it worked, but I was wondering why the default didn’t work.

    I looked into it and found line 32 of sociable.php:
    $sociablepluginpath = WP_CONTENT_URL.'/plugins/'.plugin_basename(dirname(__FILE__)).'/';

    WP_CONTENT_URL and the plugins directory are fine. The problem is with plugin_basename(dirname(__FILE__)). This is returning the full path on the server to the plugin directory and not something appropriate for a URL. If I instead use the basename() function in PHP, I can return the name of the sociable plugin folder (“sociable”) and it works fine.

    $sociablepluginpath = WP_CONTENT_URL.'/plugins/'.basename(dirname(__FILE__)).'/';

    Have other people encountered this? Do you agree it’s a bug? Is the sociable plugin still being maintained?


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