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    I was having my morning coffee while reading the changelog for 4.0.1 and almost spilled it.

    You wrote:

    [Note] Version 4.0 had a bumpy start, but that’s expected when something radically new is released to the public. We got in touch with some of our users to ask them to test 4.0 before it was released, but unfortunately people are busy, and out of 120 requests for testing, we only got feedback from 3 users. Such is life.

    Is it just me or is this actually the worst explanation ever to releasing a buggy software product?

    Seriously, what were you thinking? You have over 100K active installs and you push an untested update and then blame it on your own users?

    I wasn’t affected by the problems occurred in 4.0 and don’t really want to start calling you names, but your work here is horrible. Period.

    Be a responsible developer, test your product, and do not blame other people for your own mistakes. Such is life.

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  • Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Sorry for making you almost spill your coffee 😉

    No problem.

    But that was not an adequate answer. You did wrong, you should apologize and not post some smilies and ignore what happened.

    I see now that you do understand the fault was yours since you have amended the text in your changelog for 4.0.

    It would have been nicer of you to say sorry. I criticized you for a good reason, I’m not at war with you. But we all know the bottom line now.

    Ps. I see good progress on the new changelogs – keep up the good work! 🙂

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    See, the thing is that people like you are quick to rush to the forums when something goes wrong, and blast their blame hose at us. But when everything works just fine, probably for YEARS, then you don’t even care to acknowledge the quality of the software. This is disappointing, my friend. And looking at your comment history, I can already see what kind of user you are.

    pietari-pate may be quick to judge, but he has a point. “People like him” have every right to be peeved if you push an untested update with “radical changes.” If you know they’re radical, and you have (I assume) some income from this plugin, and you don’t get enough responses for volunteer testing, you ought to consider paying people to test it, or taking more time before releasing it.

    I understand your point, that people are all quiet, don’t say or do anything until the moment something goes wrong. I know that all too well from my years in development and design. However, in your case you are constantly egging people to give you good reviews in these forums, and they do – you’ve got 100’s of 5-star reviews. And you have a great plugin. If something goes wrong, and somebody points out they think you’re not doing due diligence, don’t criticize them back – acknowledge their criticism.

    I updated, and all my data before today is no longer showing. The only thing in the database with any data is wp_slim_stats_3; everything else appears to have reset. I’m also a little upset, but I understand things can go wrong. I just hope I can get all that data to display again.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Let me tell you something. Slimstat had been thoroughly tested and those users lamenting issues were using for the most part PHP 5.2. Now, the minimum requirements clearly state PHP 5.3. So no, in this case he doesn’t have a point. We have thousands of users and for 99% of them the upgrade must have gone well, otherwise we would have had many many more requests both on this forum and on our support website. That was not the case, and you know why? Because we had tested our software before releasing it. Unfortunately we have limited resources, and cannot replicate the hundreds of different configurations in which our plugin will be asked to do its job. I don’t see any harm in asking our user community to help us, and pointing out that almost nobody volunteered. It’s easy to TAKE TAKE TAKE, and never give back. Right? So we don’t feel we owe an apology to him. Please note that we apologized for the inconvenience in other threads (not our fault, in most cases) and that we promptly released a patch. If we hadn’t tested our software, we wouldn’t even know what to patch, right?

    We do this mainly because we are passionate about web development and WordPress, it’s our way to say thank you. The money we earn would never be enough to pay for the hundreds of hours spent to perfect our codebase, to test new technologies, to offer FREE support, to write all the documentation and much more. So far, we’ve invested more than $100,000 in 9 years of work. ROI? 5% at best That’s a pretty bleak deal. Nevertheless, we’re still here, standing behind our product, supporting our community and showing our enthusiasm for what we do. He’s not politely criticizing, he’s aggressively blaming us. That ain’t cool. If we were a bunch of irresponsible developers, we wouldn’t have been able to stick around for NINE years, don’t you think?

    You’re smart enough to understand all of this, right? By the way, if you want to volunteer (one thing that our friend here above didn’t even do!!) I’d love to talk to you about testing our future releases 😉


    Ah, okay… I hope I’m smart enough to understand all of this(?). Thank you for the detailed response. I don’t expect you to accommodate every sort of configuration, of course. You know your business, and I know enough as one who’s used the plugin that you can back up your claims.

    In any case, I’m using PHP 5.3, everything has been kept up to date, and my data’s still gone or not showing, for everything before the update.

    I would volunteer if I could. I work too much to contribute in any helpful way in my free time, and don’t work at an organization that would lend its website to testing, unfortunately.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    Please start a new thread or contact our support team 😉 We’ll be more than happy to help you …

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    PS: and we’re happy to help you even if you’ve never rated our plugin 😉

    I did rate your plugin. I gave it five stars quite some time ago. What is your deal, camu? First you insult and attack one of your upset users instead of responding to their points, whether they were right to criticize or not.

    “people like you…I can already see what kind of user you are.”

    Then I chime in, you go on a tirade, then for who knows what reason you throw this in:

    “You’re smart enough to understand all of this, right?”

    Then “we’re happy to help even if you’ve never rated our plugin ;)”

    I don’t think I’m going to bother with a thread. There are plenty of places on the internet to pick up passive-aggressive threads where people are overly defensive of their work. Keep up the good work on your plugin; maybe work a little bit on responding to human traffic on your threads.

    Plugin Author Jason Crouse


    we’re happy to help even if you’ve never rated our plugin 😉

    This was not specifically referred to you, it was a general statement aimed at those who may stop by and read this thread. Too bad you took it personally. And I fail to see what is wrong with my question “You’re smart enough to understand all of this, right?” 🙂 But if an apology is what you’re after, I’m more than happy to apologize if you felt offended by that remark. It was not intended to be a negative one. Language is a beautiful thing!

    All right, enough of this nonsense. We’re here to help our users.



    Peace, Camu. I’m not really taking anything personally, nor do I need an apology; I was just trying to communicate something to you about your responses. In any case, yes, no more nonsense! For my part, I apologize if I misinterpreted anything.

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