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    So congradulations but who are the new owners and what country are they from? I need to know if I need to migrate away from this plugin for years.

    While I greatly appreciate your years working on this plugin and understand it is up to you to decide to sell out your plugin but your users deserve to know what is going on. Please inform us. Were it not for us no one would have purchased it. Please keep it in mind.

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  • Yes unfortunately there was a huge bug with one of the widgets we activated. Basically we had a few requests off certain people asking if they could show certain widgets to certain countries.

    In the last update it was checking the ip of EVERY VISITOR with no option to turn off the feature. Now this is fixed and it is deactivated by default, and can be activated by a click of a button :).

    Hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry for any inconvenience.


    Apologies for the delay. Please consider that it is Independence Day weekend here in the United States, and even plugin developers deserve to spend some quality time with their families, don’t you think? I am in process of sorting things out with WordPress moderators, after having been reported for violation of the guidelines TWICE.

    Look, rest assured that even if I have been developing plugins for quite some time, I’m still learning the procedures and restrictions of having something hosted on the public WP repository. This is a thankless job, that I do in my spare time because I LOVE this plugin (I’ve been using it for my own sites for a while), and I was really sad to see it die with such a great userbase.

    I hope you will cut me some slack. Version 2.6.2 has already been committed to the repo, now it’s just a matter of having it approved and reopened by the moderators.

    I just recently understood that I could access these forums even if the plugin was “closed” to the public, so please forgive me if I did not reply right away. Note that I am trying my best to get this resolved and to get over these initial bumps with the minimal amount of damage for the community.

    Thank you for your support!

    Yeah, I think I am done with this plugin. The story SEO Dave has given above has destroyed any confidence I had in this plugin. It is far too suspicious and not worth the risk from a security perspective.

    Why would you by this existing plugin from a developer and for what purpose?

    Well, you’re always free to change your mind a few months from now, when you feel you can trust this plugin (and me) again. No hard feelings.

    If I may ask, what was the motivation for buying this existing plugin from the ordinal developer instead of creating your own?

    @donburikun, because if I created my own, all current 200k users would have not enjoyed the new features and the upcoming fixes ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll see, once we pass this bumpy start, it will be smooth sailing.

    Why wouldn’t they have enjoyed these features had you created your own plugin? You could have made your own but instead you paid this plugin author.

    No one pays someone without some means to profit from it. I think this is very suspicious.

    @displaywidget I do have to say that it is difficult to trust a plugin when an unknown developer buys out the original developer and adds mysterious geo-tracking functionality, violating WP security standards and getting the plugin taken down twice in the process. You could have avoided the rough start by releasing a simple update to the original plugin that added an informational message to the dashboard, educating your users about the change of ownership and coming geo-tracking functionality before releasing the major update. An option that could salvage your reputation at this point would be to concede the mistake and instead create a “professional” or “international” version of the plugin that contains the geo-tracking functionality (and other expanded features) and sell it directly from your own store, reverting the free version of this plugin to the original with some bug fixes. I think the community would appreciate that and it would restore some of your cred, especially since only a small % of your users care or even know about the geo-tracking feature and it reportedly adds a lot of bloat to the plugin itself.

    From now on, I am only going to answer to support requests pertaining bugs and new features. I will not fuel this bickering about whats / ifs / whens regarding the direction I want to take moving forward. Time will tell who was right.


    That’s fine but I still want to know what your financial motivation is for purchasing this plugin which has been free in the past. There must be some financial motive or scam at play here. Please explain to all. Thank you.

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    Thatโ€™s fine but I still want to know what your financial motivation is for purchasing this plugin which has been free in the past. There must be some financial motive or scam at play here. Please explain to all. Thank you.

    And that’s enough.

    These are support forums. They are not “The plugin author made a mistake and let’s all harass the author and disparage their motivations” forums.

    You don’t actually have a problem with this plugin but you have resorted to name calling.

    The author apparently made a mistake.
    The mistake was rectified.
    That’s it.

    We all make mistakes but this topic is now closed. The author’s motivation isn’t anyone else’s business.

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