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  • The plugin is really awesome and it will make me very sad to see it having the same future of the old Postman plugin, judging from the lack of support lately.
    Should we be worried?

    Maybe the author can have some other people/contributors added to the plugin to help out, so they can maintain it as well?

    Also, does anyone know if the plugin is fully compatible with PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2?

    Thank you.

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  • Yes, I’m afraid that support is practically over. The only way that this plugin can succeed (as far as updates and being on top of issues), is to charge for it, to make it commercial.

    This is the problem of “Free” plugins, you can’t just expect ongoing support with no compensation to the developer. There is no incentive, nor motivation when there is no financial gain. When their time dedicated to it is not valued, what is the use of spending time to it? See what I mean.

    I love this plugin, but shortly will fall by the wayside unless it becomes available for a fee, for which I’ll gladly subscribe or buy.

    I agree, it’s just seems a bit sudden.
    There is no “pro” version available either.

    So we may have to be a bit patient and wait for the author to reply and give us the news.

    Plugin Author yehudah


    Hello to everyone.

    I am very sorry but I had a few things in my personal life that needed my full attention.

    There is a lot of free good plugins that exist on pure “free” model.
    The fact is as the plugin grow, free or pro you can’t answer to every question.
    I agree pro version give me and the users more freedom.

    I’m here now, and every user that open a support ticket I invite him to bump his support thread.

    Hello and I wish you the best to overcome those things 🙂

    My main issue with the plugin is that it uses and old Sendgrid version and conflicts with another plugin I use.

    Here’s my thread:

    And here’s the thread from the other plugin’s author about the same issue:

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