• This is a very good plugin almost!
    It works well and has lots of useful functions, except for one very, very important one.

    It’s not set up to handle IPTC meta data, so as professional I have to re-input all the data I have previously input in my images.

    You have to change the file name (default camera name) which any photographer will tell you is a fatal mistake because once thats gone you have no way of searching your database of images looking of a number.

    Please add IPTC compatibility

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  • Thanks for the feedback.

    You might find our Pro version’s EXIF Addon a good starting point – it’ll provide IPTC support as well, and save you having to rename existing images once you’ve uploaded them.

    There are also our Tags and Lightroom Addons – if you’re a Lightroom user, you’ll find that useful to automate the image publishing process and handling of IPTC metadata.

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