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  • I want to love this plugin, I do. However, after using both the free and the paid for version, and writing for help (to the same email address often shown in this plugins support forum and on their site). I’ve gone absolutely no where but slower and slower, to the point where my boss has ordered me to solve or remove.

    In analysis, if all plugins are disabled, and a bone stock WP template used. Turning Shiftee on creates a 27 second page load. WOW! That’s horrible. 27 seconds just to see the home page!? Same test: All plugins on, modified custom theme, Shiftee OFF – 2 second page load. I wonder which plugin is the culprit here…? SHIFTEE!

    We’ve run Shiftee for only a few months, but in that few months, we’ve witnessed Shiftee slow our site more and more. To a level that is incomprehensible. At this point, it is an unusable product. Paying for the pro version did nothing for us, other than NOT receive ANY support responses.

    Looking into how this plugin is made – it’s just all wrong and amazing that WordPress would allow this in their systems. It attempts to load itself on every single page. It creates extraneous entries in our database and plugins like Sweep show 26,467 unused Terms which can not be swept. Fields like “Extra, Paid Time Off, Worked, Mileage, Receipt, Reimbursed” are repeated over and over thousands of times, despite being of no use to us.

    And to think, all we wanted to use was just the ability to show a simple schedule to our employees. Nothing else! 1 Location. Only a handful of positions in a very small Mom & Pop business.

    In short, do not waste your time on this plugin. It is not yet ready for use. It’s a ticking time bomb, which will end with your site loading so slow that your employee’s will hate you. More employees, more shifts, it will happen sooner. We got about 3 months, your mileage may vary.

    To the plugin maker: We give you money, and you give us this!??? Please, re-evaluate and take pride in responding to your licensed support requests. We would have paid for a fix, but I guess your too busy scamming us all with this dreadful bit of code you have here. It needs serious work.

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  • Hi Brixton, did you find a better solution instead of plugin Shiftee?
    Pls advs, thnks Peter

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