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    Do you face any difficulties in migration? Were you using “Sending Immediately” functionality often? Please let us know in detail. We will work on it.

    What is the alternative solution you migrated to?

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    @transportationsafety ,

    Sorry for all your troubles.
    Can you please let me know what issues you have faced?
    You can always rollback to Email Subscribers 3.5.18.
    Here are the steps for how you can rollback.

    @avidtrader ,
    Instead of migrating to another solution you can always rollback to Email Subscribers earlier version i.e 3.5.18.
    But as I said we have improved Email Subscribers in 4.0 after. So I will recommend you to upgrade Email Subscribers to 4.0.11(latest version)

    As I mentioned on another thread in response to your rollback directions, they don’t include instructions for backing up the recipient base, or the templates we have spent so much time carefully crafting. At least the recipients list has an export function. The instructions aren’t updated with precise instructions.

    Regardless, totally ignoring this step in the rollback instructions, and its potential impact on the user, reflects how shallowly you even considered the UX. Which probably explains much of the other issues encountered by users, and hardly inspires confidence to trust v4.0.11 won’t make matters worse.

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    @avidtrader @transportationsafety Have you tried with latest version of ES (4.0.13)?

    No. Not until I have a degree of comfort that the issues I described earlier are recognized as having contributed to this episode. It’s not possible to assume you’ve corrected them until you acknowledge them.

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