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  • In the beginning of January I obtained a domain name, a host and all of that jazz. Since then I have spent many nights trying to create and publish a website.
    Word press seems ideal for what I am looking to create. I want a personal blog and a photoblog website consisting of a few pages and such, and it was very, seemingly, user friendly..

    However, I downloaded and installed it to my pc and when I opened the folder, and messed with the wp-config.php thing… I open the browser page and it brings me to the forum… no password… no editing page… so I become lost. In so many ways. Where do I edit the pages?

    I want to upload it to powweb, which is my host. I know this will probably be a different headache, since I seem to keep missing, what I am assuming are simple steps… but first things first, Where do I edit the pages? It automatically opens in golive… which is a bit overwhelming, I must say.

    I know this is a lot of babble, and so simple many of you may be shaking your heads…but if someone knows what I am doing wrong, I’d appreciate the help

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  • What “pages” do you want to edit?
    You seem to miss the whole point… WP is an online web application to create dynamic content. You do NOT edit anything on your computer (except the wp-config file) and it doesn’t work on your computer. [OK, it works if you turn your computer into a server, but let’s not go there, it would be too much for you!]

    When you get a new tool – always start with reading the documentation; it saves you a lot of time.


    I have read that documentation, changed the wp-config file and copied the suggested text in the browser, but it just brings me to the support section. I’ll re-read the documentation, but I meant where do I edite it online, not my pc.. I may have been vague.

    You should consider getting a account and pointing your domain to that.

    For an online application the first thing you do: UPLOAD it to your domain (and don’t talk back to me before reading the resources offered!).
    No, you did NOT read the instructions:

    Wow. I apologize. I wasn’t trying to be snotty and was expecting the same from others. I did read it but was very confused. I wasn’t insulting you and appreciate the awkward feeling now and will keep my questions to myself.

    when I try to access your site, I see a 500 internal sever error, so maybe you should delete everything and try to install wordpress again, this time using your powweb panel, because they do provide “Script Instant Installer” for wordpress. And if something goes wrong, you can ask to their support.

    thank you. I was just about to try that.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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