• You simply would not believe the number of HATE MAIL I get from website visitors telling me they cannot close the popup.
    And no, I do not have it set to force interaction. I have every possible means available for them to close it.
    The close button is TINY and on many devices it is off the side of the screen.
    Make it wrap always to the edge of the screen and never disappear off the screen!!!!
    I literally get accused of being a scammer every day because of using this popup. FIX ASAP PLEASE.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @lexi777 – Sorry to hear that, and that I didn’t see this sooner, don’t usually respond to 5 star reviews.

    In general all of the things you described are either customizable via the popup theme editor (close button size, position, color etc).

    If the button isn’t visible either you have chosen Fixed positjon & Center position, and your popup is too large for the screen. you could set the position to top-center to resolve that, but also fixed should only be used in certain scenarios.

    The last possibility is you might have other errors on your site breaking our plugins functionality. Our plugin depends on Javascript without errors, so any JS errors on your site from themes or other plugins could be contributing.

    Hope that helps. Message our support if your still having issues.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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