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[Resolved] So Many Circles in a Circle

  • Hello,

    I know I am asking too much, sorry about that but `m trying to make the perfect theme for my business.

    http://www.cevizhane.org is my business website and there will be a blog for it which I will share recipes.

    If I locate one sticky circle named ~BLOG~ on home page. I will post recipes and is it possible to locate each post as a circle under BLOG named circle.

    I am not sure if I explained it well but I want circles in a circle, and to locate all posts under BLOG.

    Other circles will be sticky and eachh new post needs to go under BLOG circle as a new circle.
    Thanks a lot,

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  • Can you link to an image or website that does what you want for illustrative purposes?

    Please see the link.

    In that example where you click on the “BLOG” circle, what is the “BLOG” circle to begin with? It’s not a post, right?

    Yes a post. Everyday a new post will be listed under that blog circle.

    What is the “BLOG” circle, a category? A custom circle?

    We can say It is custom circle that all posts ill be listed under that.

    How it is possible, if I need to make it as a page lets do that way if not as a category let me open as a category and name as a blog.

    Mainly it will be the blog of a business website.

    Thanks Andrew.

    I’m trying to remember:

    Does Spun allow you to create a category page and assign posts to it? If so, do those posts appear as circles on that category page when you view it?

    I have tried and assign a category page on header menu and can post circles under that category.
    But the blog name is located in the header menu not as a circle on home page.

    If we can not manage that will also work , no worries.
    thanks for your support.

    I’ve already written a tutorial for making custom circles – so let’s forget about the Home page for now.

    So you’re saying you’ve done the second bit; you actually have a category with circles assigned to it and when you view that category page you see the circles?

    Yes. It is working.Link

    Under drinks category you can see a circle/circles

    Nice, so it looks like you just need to know how to make a custom circle.

    How to make a custom circle
    Please bear with this guide, it’s long because it was written thoroughly for non-technical people: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/guide-create-custom-circles-on-home-page

    Thanks a lot.

    Because you’ve already created a Child Theme let me know if you get stuck on conflicting advice – if you already have files in your Child Theme like “content-home.php” then you probably don’t want to overwrite them.
    The guide was written for people who have yet to create a Child Theme.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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