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  • Before I start, I am developing my own theme, this problem is in relation to that, not to a theme I purchased or downloaded.

    I was creating an options table, and assigning all my options to:

    $option = get_option('aisis_core');

    and then I decided to add in something like:


    thinking that, that would be my reset, well it seems that now when I do a var dump on option, I get

    string(0) ""

    Now I know that delete_option() will delete the option from “options table”, so I assumed add_option() would fix the issue, so after I deleted aisis_core I added it back, still the same issue.

    Now my options wont save, that is, if I click a check box that before would stay clicked after a page refresh from hitting submit – it wont stay checked. mostly cause there’s no where to save it to.


    I have tried:

    deleting the table for this dev install and re creating it (essentially reinstalling WordPress), I have tried add_option(‘aisis_core’), and I have tried switching themes, to no avail.

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