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    Hey, so assuming you have the main woocommerce plugin installed ( and the plugin you listed above, then in your WordPress dashboard you do the following:

    • In the menu on the left, go to Settings -> HSS WOO Admin
    • Enter your API key provided when you registered on and press Save
    • Press the Update button

    You should now have products automatically entered with all their details and pricing as configured in the steps in your hoststreamsell dashboard. Click on Products in the same left menu and you should see a product for each video, if not then you have missed a step during setting up your videos in your hoststreamsell dashboard so go back and review, and reach out again if you cannot figure it out.

    In your woocommerce settings (WooCommerce -> Settings) you will need to disable guest checkout by unchecking the box beside it and saving.

    Go to your woocommerce Store page on your website and your videos should be there. By default, the each video page will play the trailer. When a customer purchases a video (and whenever they return and are logged in) and go to the video page again they will now see the full video instead of the trailer.


    Plugin Author hoststreamsell


    Having a look at your account, it looks like you still need to do a few steps in your hoststreamsell dashboard:

    • For the video you have uploaded, click on the Edit Details button, update the name and a description (optional) and press Save
    • Create a Group by clicking on the Groups menu link and then the ‘Add Group’ link. Give it a name and description (optional)
    • For the group you have created, click on the Assign Videos button, then select your video and Save

    You are then ready to move to the steps on your WordPress website as shown above.


    I’m struggling to understand the same.

    So just to get some clarity. Woocommerce is simply being used as a delivery platform? It seems like the videos uploads, descriptions, pricing, viewing limitations, options, etc are all setup using my account on your website. Then when I click Update from within WordPress Admin area this is supposed to pull the videos from your service into my Woocommerce storefront?

    Plugin Author hoststreamsell


    Hi lorax,

    Woocommerce provides the shopping cart and payment processing functions. Yes, everything related to the videos is configured and stored in our system, and the update button pulls this information including a unique ID for each video which is all stored in your WordPress database as Woocommerce products.

    The video player on your website can then play the video hosted in our system by sending a request to our system referencing that unique ID and we return the streaming information for the player.

    When a customer makes a purchase, your website will send a request to us saying allow access to user X for video Y. When this user goes to watch the video, we know to return information for streaming the full video rather than just the trailer. We can also make decisions based on how long you have specified access for and if you have set streaming bandwidth limits for each purchase.

    All of the requests are made possible through our RESTful API.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


    Hi Gavin, I’ve downloaded your plugin and set up a video on your site. I’ve completed all the steps required to be the best of my knowledge, but don’t see the video under Products on WP woocommerce. What am I missing? My username is nafees.


    Plugin Author hoststreamsell


    Hi nafeesshams, I took a quick look and it looks like you got most steps right, but you hadn’t assigned the video you uploaded to the group you created. I have done his for you, but for reference, when looking at a Video Group press the Assign Videos button, and for each video you want to be part of this group press the select button on the video.

    When you now run the HSS update (found in the HSS Admin settings section of your wordpress dashboard) you should see the video product added.

    Note that you have not added a selling option to this video, I see you have added a selling option to the video group, but as selling as a group is not supported in this HSS WooCommerce plugin (the HSS EasyDigitalDownloads plugin does support this) you won’t see a price come up for the video on your website. I suggest adding a selling option to the video just as you have done for the group, or if you need group selling then perhaps look at our other integration plugin.

    I hope this helps, please do let me know if you still have any issues.


    Thanks for your reply, Gavin. So I’ve gone to the HSS Woo Admin under Settings in WP, clicked on Update button for Add/Update Videos and Saved. Still nothing under Products. Am I missing something?

    I’ve also changed the selling options from group to video, as per your request.

    Plugin Author hoststreamsell


    Would it be possible for me to check your site?

    If so you can get in touch to send login details through our contact form

    Hi Guys,
    This is the same issue. I like your streaming stuff. So I paid, but now for some reason I am not seeing the full length video in my woocommerce products list. Can you tell me what I did wrong ? . I am username

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