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  • I really like how you basically have three options: compress as much as possible, but try to keep it the same for the naked eye; compress a little less (but still a whole lot) while keeping it nearly pixel-perfectly identical and finally, compress less than that but keep the quality 1:1 the same.

    Pick one and you can choose to make the plugin keep on optimizing newly uploaded images with that setting. You can also optimize images in a bulk load you can set to your liking (also to every image on your site at once). This all works perfectly.

    I went with the second option of “compress a little less”, because images are quite important on my site. The result was stunning. I had a few large ones of 3.5 MB and it compressed them down to ~750 KB, while I can’t seem to spot any difference at all.

    I ran out of free credits because I have a lot of images, but this plugin’s working so great it had already convinced me to buy some more. 10k credits for less than 10 bucks by the way – actually great value if you use many images. You also get like 9 for free every month I believe.

    If you’re looking for an image optimizer, just please don’t waste your time by looking any further – this is the sh**. Believe me, I’ve tried many looking for one that’d really satisfy me and this is the only one that did so – in minutes.

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