• Lord Loadalot


    It is really easy to use. I even hooked the whole folder structure to my MAC OS finder. The only thing I am mising is the “sirv-on-hover” feature in Sirv JS (v3) ( there is only sirv-on-drag left ´now). Support reactivated V2 for me very quickly (thanks !). Wish I could use it with the latest and upcoming versions …

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  • Thanks for requesting the ability to rotate 360 spins on mouse hover.

    This was a rarely used feature in Sirv JS v2, so it wasn’t included when Sirv JS v3 was built. Instead, the user should drag the spin to rotate it. By leaving this feature out, it helped to reduce the total size of the JS script, so it loaded slightly faster.

    However, hover-to-rotate has since been submitted as a feature request, so it might be added to v3 in the future!

    Thanks for using Sirv.
    Sirv Support Team

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