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  • I recently installed this theme on a client’s site, and am posting this review more for the tech support than the theme, though I like the theme very much. I guess the irony is that if I hadn’t needed tech support so much, I’d be giving it a 5-star review. But let me explain:

    There is a similar theme to this one, Kale, by the same developer, Lyra. It has the ability for the user to rearrange layout modules on the front page. I was in rather a hurry when having to choose this theme, and chose Ariel for a few other features Kale didn’t have. I either assumed Ariel had this front page rearrangement feature, as well, or got the two confused. At any rate, I thought I’d be able to move the main text box on the front page more toward the top, and I can’t do that easily, without paid customization. So that’s my one issue with this theme.

    Otherwise, everything I’ve tried to do has been easy and very straightforward. The developers have been careful to make the user interface simple and understandable, even for a relative newbie like me. But when you need tech support, that’s where Lyra shines!

    Though it’s email support only — which I know could be an issue for someone building a site on deadline — the support itself is excellent. Just really, really excellent. Concise without being abrupt, proactively helpful in offering suggestions I didn’t think to ask (or even know to ask), friendly, and — ready for this? — KIND! I am so unused to simple human kindness in these situations, that the warmth of the techs I’ve encountered (and not just one of them) has been an almost shocking and unexpected delight.

    No theme is going to be perfect for any one person or use, but this one is darn close, and the ability to use custom CSS (which, had I the skill, would have eliminated several of my questions to tech support) to customize it is a serious benefit. My great experience with tech support has left me with the feeling that Lyra is the first developer I will go to from here on for new themes. I hope to see more from them in the future.

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  • Theme Author lyrathemes


    First of all, thank you for trying out Ariel and thank you for taking out time and giving us your feedback. We really appreciate it.

    As much as we’d love to have earned a 5-star rating from you, I understand that you were looking for more because of your experience with Kale.

    Please know that at LyraThemes, we are always listening to our customer feedback very closely. We are constantly looking for ideas and suggestions and if there is enough a demand for a feature, we make sure that we add it to our themes.

    We have more themes for you to choose from. We recently launched another blogging theme, ELARA ( Please give it a test drive and if you have any suggestions, drop us a line. Like I said, we are always listening.

    We have more themes that you can check here:

    We take great pride in our customer support. Be it Kale, Ariel or any of our other themes; we got your back!

    Once again, thank you so much!

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