• Whilst this plugin is one of the better table creation plugins out there… With the Excel like interface, the easy to format tables, the fast and responsive tables… It’s everything I’m looking for.

    Yet, it’s sometimes a struggle to work with. Especially when you have merged cells. These unlink or suddenly merge other lines when you are editting a table.

    No support for custom fonts. At least, from what I have found. And if there is, it isn’t easy to find. Of course, if you don’t set anything in the main settings of the plugin… It takes the content font of the theme, which is easy to set.

    There is no (easy) way to customize multiple sets of row colors of a table. Like, if you want one with blue and white stripes and another with gray and white stripes.

    Sometimes there are just minor annoyances but all in all… It’s an amazing plugin that has and gets a lot of features. Knowing that I’m only using a fraction of it’s feature set…

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  • Maybe you struggle with it, because you don’t spend the time to read the well documented instructions. I know the type exactly which is common in the WordPress community, Knit picking at a solution that offers over 92% of the functionality you need for the fraction of the cost and I mean literally a fraction of the cost that a custom solution would cost.


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