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  • Jaaaarne


    No smooth scroll down from the first screen on the home page. The top menu stays the way it initially is (without obtaining background upon scrolling), which makes it invisible/unusable on light sections and backgrounds. Cannot say whether it is a bug, because you can see the same behaviour on the author’s site demo. However, the advert page for the theme, which is obviously based on this very theme, does have smooth scroll and correct menu rendering upon scrolling, which makes me kind of wonder. I hope this is, after all, a sad bug in the free version, and not an attempt to upsale the premium version.

    UPD: The issue with smooth scrolling and top menu behavior is caused by one piece of Javascript (a particular file), which is flagged by anti-banner software because of its unfortunate name. Since there is no controlling what internet security software your visitors use or don’t use, this might be a problem. Can be resolved by renaming two .js files (even one, in fact) and changing the filename in the relevant line in functions.php.

    Also, again no regard to the non-latin languages, which has already become a tradition. That’s one of the main reasons I don’t buy premium themes, by the way. This issue is fixable in most cases. However, it requires me to dive into functions.php and the stylesheets, and try to understand what the dev did there, so I could get rid of the awful Times New Roman, to which all fancy typography falls back on desktop. It’s never something I’m looking forward to, believe me.

    The theme is responsive, looks decent on actual mobile phone. Has smooth scroll that desktop version lacks, by the way. Good mobile menu execution, better than average, I’d say.

    If the developer fixes the Javascrip issue, I’ll change the mark to 4 stars at once. One star will be withheld for the font, I’m afraid. Overall the theme looks rather solid and mobile friendly.

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  • Theme Author afmarchetti


    Hi Jaaarne, thanks for the feedback:

    1) can you please tell me wich are the javascript files that cause the problem?

    2) for the font i use a standard google font, do you know a google font that support non latin languages?


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    Those are jquery.magnific-popup.js and jquery.magnific-popup.min.js
    The word “popup” obviously triggers the adblocker in internet security suite. Unfortunate naming.

    As for adding font subsets, it might be tricky. Not all fancy fonts have subsets for other languages. I’ve seen this issue handled in some other themes, where you can choose a font and a subset in customizer, but I don’t know how difficult it is to implement. Lots of people reserve this kind of stuff for paid theme variations, although there are free ones as well (I’m not sure I’m allowed to name them here).

    @afmarchetti :
    Have you changed the theme files after @jaaaarne’s comment?

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