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  • When i first started using wordpress,i was a bit confused on what type of theme should i choose.Then i came across this ‘SNOODS’ theme.
    I liked that theme since it is a bit dark and color combination was briliant.Then later when i started adding more and more widgets,i came to know about the fact that “appearances can be deceiving”.
    This snoods theme doesnt support many of the commonly used widgets.
    For example: one of the many problems i had was in the subscribe2 and wp-polls plugins.
    In the case of subscribe2,the entered email address was not visible and we cant even see the “submit” label on the button.

    So did anyone else have problems with this theme???

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  • No, but we know CSS to change any colour that is not visible.

    And just for the record: there is no such things that a theme supports one widget but not the other. A theme is either widget ready or isn’t. So, think before posting… (I am watching you!)

    Hello!!!..i know a lil bit of css too…u know.
    I’ve tried all those things and it was still not visible.

    To me Snood is very good, I never have any problems.

    I used Snood for very long time. Can you make your own themes ?

    well i havent tried that yet.
    But i like modifying an existing theme.
    Besides whats the need of creating our own theme,if v can get cool new high quality themes suitable for our needs from other websites.Since iam not that expert in CSS ,if i create a theme, it’ll not be of very high quality and all…
    btw did u say u had no problems with the snoods theme???..
    i had lots of problems with that theme…but i must admit that snoods theme is pretty good looking…;)

    Yes that’s right I’ve never had problems with that theme in earlier versions of WP. but I was tempted by others themes with more features.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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