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  • We have developed a lovely free 3-column WordPress theme for you, with fluid center column (all CSS, no tables).

    Anaconda Theme for WordPress is a class by itself. It takes K2’s extensive functionality and makes them also available as WordPress widgets. It takes Mollio’s good looks and adapts it to WordPress environment with enhancements.

    Your search for good three-column WordPress theme is finally over. No more looking for Kubrick hacked into fixed three-column layout. You can get a sneak preview at our new site for Anaconda theme.
    Please provide your comments and feedback here.

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  • Are you releasing the anaconda theme this week?

    I really like it and plan to use it in my blog.

    Yes, I will release it this week. All that is left documenting it. I will start tomorrow and hopefully complete before the end of the day 🙂

    very nice skin..

    nice and clean

    How can i download the anaconda theme in this page..??
    i am sorry, but i am a new user and i don’t understand this system thanks!!!

    @gariben Thanks

    @frijol We are still testing it. We will release it today late in the night (US time). It will be announced on my blog and here.

    I am happy to announce the long awaited release of Anaconda theme for WordPress 2.x (and above) blogs. Your search for a good css based three column WordPress theme is finally over.

    Anaconda uses flexible 3 column layout which is designed entirely with CSS. The center column and left sidebar are flexible and adjusts to browser size.

    Anaconda comes with inbuilt support for 15 popular WordPress plugins out of the box. The theme is designed to work perfectly with these plugins. We have tested them for you so you don’t have to.

    Anaconda provides 17 WordPress widgets for you to extensively customize your site without writing / modifying a single line of code. We have tested it with 20 widgets overall. We have widgetized all inbuilt functionalities of K2 theme.

    Anaconda works without any configuration out of the box. It is also extensively customizable for those who need it. You can even include your own stylesheets, known as schmes. Two sample schemes are provided including vader.css.

    Customizations can be easily done using the Anaconda Options control panel under Presentations menu.

    Anaconda theme has built-in support for inline and sidebar asides. It optionally supports Ajax commenting, Live search, fixed width layout etc.

    Read more details and download Anaconda 3 column theme here.

    I’d like to download it, but…

    “Error 404 – Not Found

    Search bar and other tools go here! If you’re reading this, it needs to be implemented, remind me!”

    I guess he’s fixing something before release it 🙂

    My mistake. I wasn’t fixing something. I forgot to change the private attribute of the post to publish. I didn’t see the error because I was logged in. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Please try again now. Everything should be working.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    Hi Angsuman,

    In an earlier post, you mentioned documentation, is that available?


    Yes. You can find the documentation and download here.

    angsuman, which line in the stylesheet that allowed us to adjust the space between sidebar (Left & Right) and the content?

    Try adjusting the padding / margin for content.

    I’m on localhost so I have captured a screen shot for you to look at it. I’ve set the page to be center and smaller for 15in laptop can view. I want to expand the content a bit

    I did look through primary cotent css but didn’t see

    someone helps please.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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