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Snarky blog- looking for thoughtful comments and critique

  • I know it’s very yellow- I like that! What else do you think of the design, content, feel, etc. Any recommendations in these areas?

    Thank you!


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  • Link?

    Well, shoot, here you go- thanks for letting me know- I thought I had done that: http://www.shinybutter.com

    When I first saw the yellow I was not too keen but then it grew on me the black on yellow works well

    Okay, thanks- I know the yellow is different, but I really like the “European” feel of the graphics. It is a free (and rather old) theme that I would like to re-create from a premium theme so that I have a bit more control of it. Any suggestions on that, by chance?

    Thanks again for taking a look,


    The “black and yellow” theme grew on me as well. My only gripe is I don’t like how the content is all squished into the left side of the screen. Personally I think the comments should go below your posts, so both the posts and the comments have more space and are a bit easier to read.

    Besides that, I really like your writing style. I wish I had theme suggestions for you, but I’ve been constantly switching themes on my website as well–although I just switched to the Suffusion theme, which is free and extremely customizeable–almost a little too much, in fact.

    I’d take a little work to restore your color scheme, but a theme change might be a great idea to make your blog look a little more visually appealing. That’s my two cents.

    Great feedback~ thanks for taking the time to take a look. I’m glad the yellow and black grew on you!

    I appreciate your comments about having everything jammed up on the left… obviously, I lean left, but maybe that’s just being too literal. 😉

    I definitely see what you mean about readability of the post and the comments- that has bothered me but is not customizable with that theme, so I will take a look at Suffusion, as well as some others to see what I can do. It will probably take some time to learn how to manipulate a new, highly customizable theme, but I am eager to get my format spread more. Learning how to manage my blog has been one school day after another, but I love that I know how something works after I’ve gotten over a learning curve.

    Thanks for the compliment, too- much appreciated.

    Have a great one,


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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