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  • Apologies for the poor topic title, I find it hard to describe this problem.

    Here’s my site:

    If you open it up and resize the window to a smaller level you’ll notice the title image is just squashed and the background image (the one I am most eager to get working) and the menu bar do not ‘snap’ to the shape of the window. The text also shifts in all sorts of weird ways as the window becomes smaller.

    The aim here for me is to make the webpage work as one, like any normal webpage. I’m assuming I have to set up a div or similar to encapsulate all the aspects on the page, I’m just not sure.

    Obviously I would like it to be like this for the whole website, not just the homepage! It doesn’t crop up as an immediate problem on most computers I have tried it on but I would really like my site to show up well on iPhones/iPads/Blackberrys etc… This treatment will ensure that shouldn’t it? If not please advise.

    Many thanks for any help you can give.

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  • What works well is using a Responsive Theme.

    Some recommended reading:

    Hi thanks for getting back. I already have the theme I would like to use really. Is there no CSS code that can help?



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    the main thing with responsive theme adaptations is not to add any fixed widths into the styles (like you have done for instance with the menu width)

    using a browser inspection tool (for instance Firefox’ web developer add-on, or Firebug, or whatever might be available with some of the more modern browsers), and checking in different browser widths, might give you some ideas about why some elements are acting out of alignment.

    As stated in the article, Responsive Themes are based on CSS, so yes there is. I cannot, however, allocate time to customizing your whole site’s CSS. Please follow the links in the article to learn how this is done, or use a Theme that is Responsive.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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