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    I can’t seem to get this to work. Most of the time, all I get is a link on the page to the SmugMug Gallery. A couple of times, I got the link, plus one small thumbnail that when I clicked on it, I got a message saying it couldn’t access the service at this time and to check back later. (there are 71 photos in the Gallery)

    Have checked the API key and it is good. Not sure what I am doing here.

    Link to page: http://paws2dance.com/testing/

    My Code: [gallery type='smugmug' view='album' album='25632510_7XXrJn' ]


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  • anyone? Can someone see what I am doing wrong?

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    For the purposes of testing I inserted the above shortcode here: http://aquoid.com/news/plugins/photonic/smugmug/smugmug-photos/. It seems to display all the thumbnails. However I noticed something curious. If I click on a thumbnail I sometimes get an error message and sometimes it is okay. If I get an error, then if I copy the image URL and load it directly into the browser it works fine. After that if I click on the same thumbnail, it shows up without issues.

    My belief is that if an image is very large, there is some kind of a timeout happening. Let me investigate further.

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    One thing to try would be to switch the slideshow script from Fancybox to Colorbox – that seems to do a better job with timeouts.

    Tried that and it made no difference at all. All I see is a link to the Gallery; no thumbnails. I don’t get the full gallery as you do on your page. (However, on your page, the thumbnails do not expand)

    I tried using a different gallery, and it worked just fine. So, I deleted this gallery and started again. Works with no problem at all now. So, something was wrong with the gallery — no idea what.

    Is there any way to remove the link to the gallery that appears on the page?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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