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  • Be wise about buying slick-looking themes online that seem credible. will not refund your money even if the theme doesn’t work with your hosting provider. Their solution to activation issues was for YOU to allow THEM access to your site so THEY can install it manually. The other solution was for you to completely open your site (htaccess)to their product.

    That sounded suspicious to me and I kicked their product to the curb and purchased from another company. I read here in the treads that another wordpress user found buried links in SMTHEMES source files. Just be careful folks.

    I had a bad experience with SMTHEMES who kept my money and refused a refund.

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  • I agree,, Though I use the free version there is little to know support for paid or non paid. The new Themes out were not QA either. Comment text so dark you cant read it. Other little bugs here and there… After seeing how old requests for support where with no replies from the themes manager I was not going to open my pocket book to them.

    Also, they have a unique YouTube vid share so if you go to a non SMTheme those vids will no longer show so be very careful. I think Ultimate Tiny Mice will fix the vid issue not sure.

    All and all Beware, use the free versions play with the code on your own but do not give them any money.

    By the way , if anyone knows how to change the text color for the comment block for sportcar theme by SMT please share because the .css commentform lines do not seem to be the place.

    Here is the fix

    style.css of the theme:

     padding:5px 10px;

    thanks ! an alternative is to go pickup a new theme for free at (non-GPL link removed.)


    Please don’t use these forums for promoting or otherwise discuss various themes from commercial sources (free or paid). It attracts unwanted spam comments.

    Closing the thread per forum rules.

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