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  • I just found out that you can send a text message into Twitter with your cell phone and your text message shows up as an entry on the Twitter website. I thought that was very cool and it gave me an idea.

    I run a basketball website that keeps track of high school basketball games in my section. I have several different score reporters/volunteers who are allowed to write on my WordPress blog (right after a game ends). An rss feed from that blog is then funneled to a web page on my site displaying all the scores.

    It’s sort of a hassle. Not enough volunteers for the 70 schools I cover, people forget to post, too much trouble for them, etc., etc. To make reporting game scores MUCH easier, and immediate, where anyone with a cell phone could do this, I was hoping that I could just have these fans/volunteers send a text message (the score of the game) to my WordPress blog. Is this possible? Is something similar possible that I’m not envisioning?

    I found out that followers of my blog could have my entries sent to them on their cell phone but I’m wondering if this can be reversed? Can they send text messages that show up as a blog entry? Thanks

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  • This is not the full solution that you may be looking for (hopefully others can provide more ideas!) but here’s a thought: Many providers treat text messages just like emails, that’s why you can send an email to or and have it arrive at a cell phone.

    Likewise, depending on the provider and the phone, sometimes you can put in an email in the Number field and have your phone send a text message just like an email. Your mileage may vary however. You can try experimenting with that. Good luck!

    I forgot to also specify that you would need to enable the email-to-blog feature in Settings to use this idea.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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